When The Four Horsemen Come

. . .

7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
(Revelation 6 : 7-8)

"Se Tu M'ami "

01. Pergolesi - Se Tu M'ami
02. alva noto + opiate - opto file 4
03. J.S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue in C Minor ("Arnstadt")
04. David Aubrun - 11 septembre 2001
05. J.S. Bach - Schubler Chorale Prelude BWV 694 ("Wo soll ich fliehen hin")
06. philoid - soleil e
07. Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday
08. Mitchell Akiyama - empêcher l’océan
09. Francis Dhomont - Les moirures du temps (rp)
10. The Focus Group - Bromiding place
11. J.S. Bach - Fugue in G Minor BWV 542 ("The Great")

note: A Halloween list. Following No.1 and No.2 of apocalyptic & love, mix of classical and ambience and waiting for MdM sorting out file hosting. This one has very wide style contrast, but less dynamic change than No.1, essentially Bach list mashed with drone/dark ambient list. I fel this works better than No.1. Happy Halloween.

image credit: the Four Horsemen by Albrecht Dürer


Love at The End of Time

'At the time when it happens,' she had said, 'you do mean it.' He had meant it. He had not merely said it, he had wished it. He had wished that she and not he should be delivered over to the --

Something changed in the music that trickled from the telescreen. A cracked and jeering note, a yellow note, came into it. And then -- perhaps it was not happening, perhaps it was only a memory taking on the semblance of sound -- a voice was singing:

'Under the spreading chestnut tree

I sold you and you sold me --'

The tears welled up in his eyes. A passing waiter noticed that his glass was empty and came back with the gin bottle.

-George Orwell, 1984 (Ch.6)

"Love at the end of Time"

01. Nikolai Medtner - Tale Op.42-2 in C phrygian (pianist, composer)
02. Stephane Leonard - Secret Life Remix (info)
03. Aphex Twin - Power Pill Pacman
04. Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine (w/Strings)
05. Caroline - Sunrise (web)
06. DJ morsanek - The Black Isle (Byrne/Eno Remix)
07. Miho Hatori - Barracuda (web)

Note: I tend to believe that MdM best output is when things are unraveling fast. The sense of urgency to salvage a moment gives little steps that made the whole thing moves again. Or probably it's me having a mild melancholia with head swirling from some yucky liquids they make take. At anyrate, this is exactly that, one would need a certain urgency and detachment to follow the sudden dynamic change, in order to hear it all. Russian piece opening, remix of famous 1981 Eno's album, thumping Aphex Twin, and sunk deep into a collage of odd pops. It's apocalyptic view of love, a gentle remnants of feeling wrapped by maddnes of place and time. One is infinately aware of love, hate and end of time. Abstract yet very real.

image: click icon


La mujer de Lot no tiene nombre.

Ya no se a quien reinventan y a quien revientan estos brotes de luz. Ahora paso las mañanas entre el barro y apagando fósforos en el agua de la tina para ocultar el olor a sal.
Lo mío me toca a mí. Quedarme en casa, sin teléfono, ni mails, ni los seis vasos de agua, ni las tareas pendientes. Quedarme en el agua y poner algo de música. La escuela de Sechuán nos dice que el agua no es agua pero moja, que hacer arder la apariencia, crepita.
Ya despúes veremos.

Clinic - earth angel
(internal wrangler, 2001)
Can - cascade waltz
(flow motion, 1976)
Beach House - master of none
(beach house, 2006)
Euros child - costa rita
(chops, 2005)
Plone - bibi plone
(for beginner piano, 1999)
Tipsy - kittie takes a ride
(uh-oh!, 2001)

Foto: Hiroshi Sugimoto - en el baño del asesino.


evil night together

Es que últimamente oscurece muy pronto...

Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
Rasputina - How We Quit The Forest
Rufus Wainwright - Matinee Idol
Morrisey - How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel
Dandy Warhols - You Were The Last High

fotografía de la serie "new skin" de Peter Franck


And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Donovan - get thy bearings
(the hurdy gurdy man, 1968)
The Zombies - summertime
(Begin here, 1965)
Blossom Dearie - long daddy green
(That's Just the Way I Want to Be, 1970)
Jacqueline Taieb - le couer au bout des doigts
(french mademoiselle anthology, 2002)
Margo Guryan - sunday morning
(take a picture, 1968)
The turtles - you showed me
(the turtles present the battle of the bands, 1968)
Matthews Southern Comfort - Woodstock
(later that same year, 1971)

Image: Birkin + Bardot - still from the movie Don Juan, 1973.


a dream


two years ago a very close friend of mine lost his wife to a condition that was never diagnosed, and since then he has had many vivid dreams about her/

he posted this latest dream on his blog today, so i'm sure he wont mind me repeating it here/ a little background: he is a big fan of time travel, not just the idea but the serious possiblility of it actually exsisting/... with this dream i now understand why he is fascinated by it, a reason i shouldve figured out right away, but didnt/

just woke up from this:

i was going climbing with some friends. we met at this sort of creepy cool old used bookstore on the outskirts of town. it was famous for being able t get whatever old out of print book you needed, and usually in good shape. i was walking thru the stacks, and ran into angela lansbury. but she was in her teens. i didn't think anything of it at the time, just thought it a bit weird. i knew it was her, but didn't think anything of the fact that she was 19. i think maybe i had seen her a couple of times before this. i got some books, including some old climbing guidebook. went to the checkout aisle, and as i'm waiting to be checked out, angela lansbury--the murder she wrote one, who's in her 60's walked by. i made eye contact with her, and asked her if she knew of any special books she could suggest i read. she told me to come over so she could whisper it to me. "you'll want to check out 'the linesman'." is all she said, but she winked as i drew back from her. i don't remember looking that book up, but when we(some climbing friends and i) left the store, i knew that the store was a time vortex or something. by reading that book, one would unlock the secrets of the time travel. that's how they got all those old books in great shape.
so, we're driving to the climbing spot, and my phone rings. i pick it up, and anna answers. she's been dead for two years now, and the same was true in the dream. i didn't want to spook her, cos i was talking to her, and didn't wanna fuck something up or scare her or anything. she asked me a couple of things, oh, i remember having told her once a long time ago that i'd be seeing her soon. she asked me where i was, cos i had called a while ago, telling her i'd be home soon. i asked her where she was, but she wouldn't answer straight out. i eventually got out of her that she was at this mexican restaurant that we went to once. i know we only went there once, cos i could--in the dream--use this to figure out we were in boulder, but i could't narrow down the time frame. she could sense i was getting at something, but i didn't want her to know yet. i said to her "this is gonna sound really strange, but what year is it?" she wouldn't answer. she sounded kind of put off, in fact, that i'd even ask. i didn't know if she was sick by this point or not. but that wasn't what i was getting at.

(break from the dream, this is josh talking reality for a moment)
the last book we both read (her first, then me) was called the time traveller's wife, by audrey niffeneggar. if you haven't read it, i would highly suggest you do so. when you do, you'll know why this book especially means something more than just a book we read together.

(back to the dream).

i was trying to discern if she had read this book yet or not, in the time she was calling me from. i guess in the dream she was already sick, but she didn't know she was gonna die. in the book, henry dies, and claire knows it. but henry's the one who time travels, and is always hiding things from claire. it's a great turn of circumstances...i was trying to figure out if the anna on the phone had read the book, and put together that she was gonna die. but i didn't want to scare her.
i asked her a couple of times what the year was, but she wouldn't tell me. i finally asked if she had read anything by audrey niffeneggar. she finally said that she had, and she got a little choked up when she answered.
i knew that shew knew, at this point. that she was gonna die, i mean. in fact, she told me. something to the effect of "josh, i know." all i could do was manage to get out "i love you so much, anna. i miss you." and it was completely garbled, cos i was crying already, but i didn't want to not say them. she ended with "i know, josh. i know."

end of dream.

dunno if it exists or not, but i'm off to find a book called the linesman now.

Night time (is the right time) (once again)

Having trouble shaking it off of my system - second set featuring the Supremes making a delicious beatles cover after swallowing too much candy, Leo Muller righteously homaging Hendrix, a musical document of the day Peggy Lee found funk and Sun Ra telling us to kiss our ass goodbye when them motherfuckers push that button. Enjoy.

T. Rex - jewel
(t. rex, 1970)
The supremes - come together
(new ways but love stays, 1970)
Sun Ra & his space orchestra - nuclear war
(nuclear war, 1982)
Peggy Lee - sitting on the dock of bay
(sitting on the dock of bay 12", 1970)
Leo Muller - the acid test
(purple fox, 1969)
Incredible Bongo Band - let there be drums
(Bongo rock, 1973)

for a second dose try also: night time (is the right time)
Photograph: Red light district, Amsterdam - 2003.

Standard net tracks No. 1

"Simple List for Chilly Day"

01. Deerhoof - L'amour Stories (web)
02. Kinski - The Wives Of Artie Shaw
03. The Angels of Light - Praise Your Name
04. TV on the Radio - Dreams
05. Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis (web)
06. Joan Of Arc - Fleshy Jeffery (web)

: The entire system is falling apart, ezarchive is behaving badly. So this is a short entry to keep things going for awhile. Off topic question: Anybody wants to have a jazz blog? I think it would be interesting. What sort of jazz do you like to listen to? Also, there are now little buttons to submit Digg, update delicious bookmark and exit to Hypemachine.

image credit: click on icon.


Juana Gallo

Esta semana comenzó muy bien, mi abuela llegó a visitarnos y eso que significa? Significa MUY buena comida, buena compañía y más que nada, buena música.

Mi abuela es una persona con un carácter fuerte, sus opiniones son directas y sinceras, es una de las peronas mas cariñosas y más independientes que he conocido en la vida. La admiro y la adoro, así de simple.

En los años 60´s, mi abuela fue descubierta por tener una fabulosa voz y mucha habilidad con guitarra, y fue así como llegó a grabar unos cuantos discos para Capitol Records en la Ciudad de México con el nombre artístico de "Juana Gallo". Afrotunadamente, mi tio encontró los viniles y los pasó a formato CD para poder guardarlos y sacarles copias. Una de esas copias llegó a mis manos y he decidio dedicarle este post a mi abuela Juana Gallo.

Brief Translation of Text:
This post is dedicated to my grandmother. She was a singer in Mexico City in the 60´s and she recorded a couple of records for Capitol. She went under the name of "Juana Gallo". This is my grandmother at her best, I love her, she´s spectacular with her voice, her guitar and her food *gurgle gurgle*!!

Juana Gallo - Que Poco Fuiste (Recorded for Musart)
Juana Gallo - Arrodillate (Recorded for Capitol 1968)
Juana Gallo - De Puro Acero (Recorded for Capitol 1963)
Juana Gallo - Que Cobarde Soy (Recorded for Musart)*

* Juana Gallo original song



Galaktlan . Valetajad
Text Adventure . I'm a shoe, I miss you
Norman Fairbanks . mystified
The london apartments . next year
Yagya . walkman
Crashed car . skylight facing myself
Kiln . king of wasps
Pattern is movement . in tapegrass (remix by Scott Solter)

Songs 1 . 7 taken from archive. Song 8 comes from the hometapes label.
Image: Goldmine shithouse collective.


Cocktails in Space

Supongo que si un día viajo al espacio exterior me tomaré unos cocktails con estas canciones de fondo ;)

Takako Minakawa - Fantastic Cat

Groove Collective - Sabrosona

Bruce Lenkei - Moonlight Zombie Dance

Edmund Welles - Creep (for woodwinds)

Betty Boo - Where Are You Baby

The Boss Hoss -Toxic

Dana Countryman - COCKTAILS IN SPACE

Metrovavan - Waltz of the Noctambulist

The Winks - Snakes!

*la imagen es un autorretrato

And so the bedroom became the black room

The glove - sex-eye-make-up (robert smith vocal demo)
(Blue sunshine deluxe edition, 2006)
The cure - happy the man (studio demo)
(The top deluxe edition, 2006)
120 days - come out (come out, fade out, be gone)
(st, 2006)
A mountain of one - freefall
(unreleased demo, 2006)
Sebastien Tellier - le long de la riviere tendre
(ete d' amour, 2006)

Image: Ray Caesar.


All the Strange Hours

... The good news is, there are a handful of artistically minded inkers at work out there, and if you're gonna spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few grand on something that will be inked into your flesh until you die, well, don't you want it to be atypical and dynamic and ingenious? Don't you want something you can look at every day and go, whoa, what the hell is that, and is that really a part of my skin, and isn't that just the most fascinating thing?

Don't you want, in other words, a piece by someone like this French guy named Yann? Sure you do. The newish tattoo blog Needled.com pointed me to this guy's deliriously cool work, which you won't find in any of the aggro-trashy American tatt mags. He is, apparently, quite the sensation among tattoo cognescenti in France and Europe. Yann's work is amazing and odd and childish and beautiful and strange, Egon Schiele meets Edward Gorey meets Picasso in a deep closet of folksy childhood whimsy. You gotta check out his gallery.

It is, of course, not a style for everyone. And you'd have to fly all the way to France to get a piece by him. But it could certainly encourage anyone considering the acquisition of serious ink to maybe think beyond your average dolphin-in-a-rainbow. Please. ...
-sfgate blog

"All the Strange Hours"

01. The Clientele - An Hour Before The Light
02. MiAndLau - Older (web)
03. Nina Nastasia - Bird Of Cuzco
04. Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard - Planting Broken Branches Pt.1
05. Vetiver & Hope Sandoval - Angels' Share
06. Explosions In The Sky - Look Into The Air (web)
07. Nina Nastasia - Brad Haunts a Party (info)
08. High Dials - Diamonds in the Darks (info)

image credit: Andre Wolff

note: click on mjrc blog post, she is competing to get more click agianst her hubby. (behind 100 click)


Small Bubbles and Society Islands

Return to basic list. I am trying to do series of smaller, more functional playlist, to change mood and to go around increasingly belligerent ezarchive. (gah!) First list, just to cheers Moka shiny new MdM section (Electric Bungaloo) is a hip-hop-electronica-near folks mix. Yes that is possible. Actually anything is possible while doing it half asleep.

"Waxploitation var. 1011-2006/MdM"

01. Solex - Beautiful Stranger (web)
02. Jazztronik - Muddy Muddy
03. Dosh - Nothing New (web)
04. The One AM Radio - Ninety-Nine, One Hundred (web)
05. Amandine - For All the Marbles (web)
06. Medinah General - Dreams Instrumental (prod DJ Resident)
07. Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin (rp)

see also: Var. 1011-2006

Society Islands

I tag a mini review here, because it's an interesting unsigned artist. Society Islands recently released their debut album, Kiss & Tell. The album is somewhere between happy lounge and ballad pieces, with very down to earth songs. The lyrics are classic poems, innocence but magical combined with the melody. Remember Innocence Missions? Yeah that. It's the type one listens while looking at the window watching leafes floating by. etc. I love it. It's simple and makes me smile. Go visit his webpage.

The Society Islands - Annabel Lee (web)
The Society Islands - Dinner Song
The Society Islands - House of the Styrens

image credit : ¡Carlitos


// Let's Dawn --- stop playing with my heart...

such a lovely song.
such an honest plea.

te mostrare
el atardecer,
te quedas conmigo
el amanecer.

/ Judie Tzuke, Stay With Me Till Dawn.
/ Mylo, Need You Tonite.
/ Judie Tzuke vs Pink Floyd, Breathe With Me Till Dawn.*

..appendix (almost unrelated
but equally magnificent):
The Supremes vs Stereophonics, Keep Tomorrow Hanging.*

* Blended by Futuro.

Art: Kiss Me by ???.

Night time (is the right time)

Staying up all night listening to my favorite Charles Wright song, Linda Lyndell doing the James Brown and Bette Davis giving us a proper lesson about the f-word.

Gil Scott Herron & Brian Jackson - we almost lost detroit
(Doubt beat, 1977)
Betty Davis - f.u.n.k.
(Nasty Gal, 1975)
Charles Wright - I'm Aware
(Express yourself, 1970)
Linda Lyndell - what a man
(What a man 7", 1969)
Charles Sherrell - yes it's you
(For sweet people from sweet Charles, 1974)
Tim Buckley - so lonely
(Blue afternoon, 1969)

Image: Pixel artist, Delaware, from Tokyo.


Ain't got no...

...but I have life ;D

Le Volume Courbe - Ain't got no

Jim Guthrie - Ain't got no

Nina Simone - Ain't got no (life)

y bueno, aquí va esto también;

Clarence Frogman Henry - Ain't Got No Home

image from my last serie "ready" :)

The second sun

And as far as you eye demands another sun, see if there is behind you another sun.
Sun to see, is understood, with another different celebration, another fragrance, another love more love.

Virginia Astley - a summer since long passed
(from gardens where we feel secure, 1983)
Raro & Apenino - #6
(s/t, 2006)
Ze Ramalho & Lula Cortes - harpa dos ares
(Paebiru, 1975)
The Kallikak Family - guitar 2
(may 23rd 2007, 2005)
Red Favorite - taken in
(s/t, 2006)
Martin, Basinski, Heeman - untitled
(untitled, 2003)
Valerie Webb & Paul Labreque - what we stole from the fire
(trees, chants & hollers, 2006)

Those nights were I went off alone for a drive out of the city to listen to some music while watching stars and cars passing on the highway are slowly coming back. Specially check out "#6" and "taken in" from raro & apenino and red favorite, a pair of psych folk gems taken from two of the most hypnotic and beautiful debuts (in every sense) I've heard this year.

Today I'm testing some alternate uploads on fileden since ezarchive's been upside down... apparently they intend to jack up the account's price and will finally provide a decent upload service that doesn't fall down as much as the actual one yet they will limit bandwith and have an upload meter installed. Anyways, any problem downloading the files please let me know.

Image: Maxi Luchini.


Life is a dangerous game, play it slowly.

An interview with Hans-Peter Lindstrom by Moka and myself.

Chris: When did you become interested in dance music, were you more into the rock scene previously?

Hans-Peter: Yeah, I’m from the rock scene, and accidentally got into the electronic music scene when winning (hey!) a bedroomproducer-contest in norway in 1999 …

Chris: Did you release any tracks previously to your work as Slow Supreme?

Hans-Peter: Only as part of a 8-piece gospel-group singing the gospel according to elvis presley

Chris: How did you and Prins Thomas meet up?

Hans-Peter: We met in oslo in 2001. He was the best dj around. And I was curious …

Chris: Did you feel as though you were part of a new movement in 2005 with the advent of so much new Balearic and Cosmic influenced music? Do you see a certain amount of zeitgeist in what you are doing and what artists like Quiet Village Project are doing, for instance? Do you guys all have a secret headquarters somewhere? :)

Hans-Peter: Hehe, not as far as I know … I’ve been making music w/more than one chord-change since day one, since I need something more than just beats & a bassline … and I prefer to keep the tempo slow, because it gives me space to fit in more musical elements … heh.. the slower the better, although I realise now that it doesn’t make sense to make remixes in 100 bpm … haha.

Chris: What is the scene like in Europe at the moment, have you seen a big increase in fans of your style, or has the scene been growing for some time?

Hans-Peter: I get the feeling that the crowd everywhere is 95% ‘normal’ people who doesn’t know anything about cosmic or balearic. While the rest is nerds & dj’s. When I play slower tracks, or unaccessible’ stuff, people leave the dance floor. Most clubs in Europe are used to house and minimal, but I’ve been told that it’s now ‘allowed’ to promote a night with the dreaded ‘disco’-word … haha

Chris: Is it just me or does Norway seem like a seriously stylish country? Who is the person that did the amazing artwork on the Album and the Turkish Delight single, for instance?

Hans-Peter: haha, he’s from Finland. That’s where all the nice scandinavian design is from. Norway isn’t particulary stylish as far as I know …

Chris: I once read about a club in Oslo (at least I think it was in Oslo) that was actually a converted public toilet building in a park somewhere. Does it still exist? Is it rad?

Hans-Peter: Yeah, that’s true ! However, it’s closed now. It used to be good, I’ve been told, but there were a change in ownership at some point.

Chris: Is the collaboration with the release of the Lindstrom debut album on Smalltown Supersound a sign of things to come? Could we be seeing musicians from that stable collaborating with you in the future?

Hans-Peter: I don’t think so. I’ve realised that I’m a loner. I like to do everything myself.

Chris: How did you first come across Todd Terje?

Hans-Peter: At a student-dj-night around 2000. He was 18 maybe, and seriously into Salsoul & New-York-disco.

Chris: Is Hans-Peter or Prins Thomas still possession of The Idjuts disco balls?

Hans-Peter: Say what…?

Chris: Are you fans of the Compass Point era of Grace Jones, when she was recording all those strange cover versions, under the direction of Chris Blackwell, assisted by Sly and Robbie and Wally Badarou? (I only ask 'cos it's my favourite thing!)

Hans-Peter: I love the early 80’s Grace Jones productions. Sly, Robbie & Badarou defined her sound. Simple but effective. A huge inspiration.

Chris: Finally I have to tell you a story about my former co-worker Zweli. When he was still working with me he used to listen to your album on headphones, while he played this computer game where there's this bug that has to shoot all these crystal balls before they fall down a hole. The graphics are really trippy, so I really dug watching him play every now and then. While he was playing the one evening he started singing this song in Zulu. I couldn't hear the music, just the singing, so I turned around to watch the screen and the combination of the singing and the visuals was just incredible. I really think you guys should get together and do some sort of multimedia thing together! (if only I knew where to find him). You guys should probably come to play in South Africa sometime.

Hans-Peter: Hahaha. It’s a great story indeed !!!!! Yeah, sooner or later it would be great to come to africa !!

Moka: Psychedelic and metal guitarists seem to be a very important and subtle influence on your sound, I read on an interview on your label you were citing Malmsteen as a one of your music addictions at the time and even your mate, Prins Thomas, released an Ep tribute to Ash Ra Temple's guitarist, Manuel Goettsching, a few months ago. Would you mind sharing some of this guitar influences with us?

Hans-Peter: Hm … dunno what to say. All of the guitarists you mention are really good, and influences me in different ways. I like the sound of the guitar. It’s a very flexible instrument.

Moka: What's the composition process you follow? Is there a substantial difference between composing in collaboration with your mate or alone?

Hans-Peter: Thomas is working waaaay faster than I am. I used to finish a track or a remix in 1 week, but now I’m probably using 1 month. Reason is that I’m doing many different versions of the track, and then decide for which arrangement/structure is best for the song. When working with Thomas, we record loong jams and edit everything the next day.

Moka: What's been playing on your tour bus these months?

Hans-Peter: Which bus? Only flights in our world .. iPod-music … lots of good mixes.. recently, Tim Sweeneys beats in space mixes.

Moka: You edit, produce and even have your own label, what's your opinion on the music industry? and internet and peer2peer networks?

Hans-Peter: I believe blogging and P2P works fine when promoting a new release. It’s a very effective way to spread the music instantly. And I don’t think it hurt the sales, since I’m releasing mostly vinyl. Low quality mp3s cannot replace a physical vinyl-copy. More and more dj’s play cd’s, but I believe many still prefers vinyl…. And I don’t believe in fighting against new technology in general.

Moka: You've both did a lot of dj-ing on festivals on August and you had a great show on the Sonar Festival in Spain, can you tell us about these experiences? How's a Lindstrom and Prins Thomas gig?

Hans-Peter: I didn’t play at Sonar, but Thomas was there. Anyways, we’ve been travelling lots last year, and it’s a great way of meeting people, playing new productions to check if they sound alright, and eat good food from all over the world ! The only drawback with travelling is all the airports, transport, carrying, waiting, hotels etc etc … hm

Moka: The collaboration with Torgunn Flaten (on "run") and with Christabelle and the way vocals adjusted almost effortlessly into your music was well received and praised by fans and critics, does the future hold more vocal collaborations or vocal samples?

Hans-Peter: Yes, I’m working on some new tracks with both of them, and there might even be a taste of a christabelle-collaboration on 12” early 2007. She’s got a really great voice, and has this non-clubmusic-background which I think is an advantage sometimes.

Moka: What's your plans and projects for the next months?

Hans-Peter: Lots of studio-work, and some more travelling I guess. And maybe NYE in Tokyo with my girlfriend :o)

recording of the Lindstrom laptop-live set from Club Caviar in Gothenburg Sweden on the 3rd of August 2006


Like suffocation via cheesecloth

Being utterly stressed by exams and projects this last weeks I spent the past Saturday drinking myself off at a fancy 12 hour fest my grandfather threw to celebrate my grandmother's 70th birthday. At some point in this type of parties the band will eventually play a meaningful ballad selected by the couple and they'll get up and dance the piece while they get joined by other members of the concurrence. In the middle of my drowsiness I was left wondering the ballad I would choose in my own wedding. My mind kept thinking about "no surprises" by rh or "fade into you" by mazzy star but the lyrics ain't precisely in the light side of things- second thought I had was to instruct the band to play "heartbeats" by the knife in ballad style but I don't know how complicated or good this would sound so it depends on the band's talent.... then I thought, what the fuck, we'll dance tango! but I don't know how to tango and I'd have to learn, let alone the guests would probably think dancing tango would be a very pedantic gesture of mine so I guessed I'll have to wait for my counterpart to suggest something when the day comes and I'll worry about the light and the menu and seeing if I can get some popular artist in future decadence like beck or jamiroquai to play for an hour or two in exchange for food and some clothes.

(Yes, all this idiotic thoughts crossed my mind in brief 42 seconds when the first ballad was about to end. I didn't say anything to the people on my table because the weren't drunk enough and I'd seriously doubt they'd be interested in discussing the first song they'd like to play at their wedding.)

I'm really not much of a ballad listener, I mean I really enjoy many of them good old power ballads from the 80's although they make me think more of strip-joints than of people dancing, but I can't stand listening to that much cheese past the 10 minute mark. Sadly, for some of us, the assured celebrity of people like Kelly Clarkson and a group of female artists more focused on their vocal chords than rocking out might mean that we may soon see the emergence of the super-ballad once again. It will really only take one movie soundtrack or one career trajectory at the exact right moment to trigger it.

10 CC - I'm not in love
Richard Hawley - the ocean
Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed
Ozzy Osbourne - time after time
The cowboy junkies - sweet jane
Flaming lips - do you realize?
13th floor elevators - splash 1
Man man - gold teeth

Image: Cupevampe.


Umbrella Shadows


Cut Chemist - What's the Altitude (feat. Hymnal)
Stereo Total - Exakt Neutral
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Frenzy (.wma) **
Torrez - The Evening Sun
Macaco - Crece la Voz (feat. Muchachito)
Rufus Thomas - I Think I Made A Boo Boo
Sarah McLachlan/Ana Gasteyer - Basted in Blood from SNL
Thomas Dolby - The Key to Her Ferrari
4th Coming - The Dead Don't Die Alive
Skip James - Devil Got My Woman
Psapp - Needle & Thread
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
Various Artists - Julie Christie
Duman - Oje

Discussion Question of the Day: What do YOU think should be done with the Russian Mausoleum and Lenin's body?

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Image: Tree shadows on my umbrella this afternoon


Product Music

"The album Product Music: Vol 1 is a collection of memorable examples of the industrial song. Because if you're not buying a company's product, perhaps a few listens to their new dance tune will change your mind!"

Hooray For Human Engineering (Clark Equipment)
Tractor Drivin' Man (Ford Motor Company)
My Bathroom Is A Private Kind of Place (American Standards)
Look At This Tub (American Standards)
My Ultra Bath (American Standards)
Dance The Slurp (7-11)
Gentle on My Mind (Mary Kay Cosmetics)
He's A Penney Man (JC Penney's)
Power Flower (Westinghouse)
Standing on the Corner (Ford Motor Company)
Shake It! (Borden's)
The New Generation (Squibb Pharmaceuticals)
The Frito Twist (Frito's)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Bold Detergent)
Madison Avenue Tango (Westclox)
Saints Go Marchin' In (Mary Kay Cosmetics)
Up Came Oil (Exxon)
We Got 'Em (Exxon)
My VIP - Tribute to Salesmen (Clark Equipment)
The Eight Seasons of Chromalox (Emerson/Chromalox)

Vía WFMU's Beware

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