Some bands to check

I might be a little late on the game of pointing towards "gang gang dance", but after a certain reader reccomended 'em to me I must admit I've been falling in love with them since then. Freak Folk comparable to the likes of Animal Collective, the Kallikak Family or even Boards of Canada. Animal Collective and general freak folk detractors might want to steer away from this one or maybe accept my invitation to hear Samara Lubelski instead.
Wooden wand and the vanishing voice have released quite many Ep's on 2005 and almost everything by them comes highly reccomended for people who enjoys the aformentioned artists. I'd urge you to go to everything is fire to search more of their songs if you enjoy the one I'm linking to here, lisa's been a fan for wooden wand for a long time now and she might direct you to some really interesting tunes by them there.

Gang gang dance - nomad for love (cannibal)
Gang gang dance - untitled #1
Samara Lubelski - sister silver
Samara Lubelski - fleeting skies
Wooden Wand and the vanishing voice - I am the one and he is the caretaker of my heart

Image from the Bestiaire Medieval exposition at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.


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