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From Monterrey, Mexico to the rest of the world:

Befriend Them/Amiguealos.

Auto-defined: third world 21st century electronic rock.

RIYL - recommended if you like / RSGD: recomendado si gustas de:
The Beta Band, Simian, Radiohead, Cafe Tacuba, Secret Machines,
Bobby Birdman, Plastilina Mosh & beatlesque bands.

They played SXSW last year, (something that got them written about on The NY Times), they've been played on KRCW a few times, and yet most mexicans don't know about them.

They are independent in as many ways as possible. For better or worse, that is. Working as one talented collective head. All of them songwrite. All of them arrange each other's songs. Each one of them has specific non-musical-but-related-to-it chores. And more important each one of them has a very specific songwriting style.

Eureka Son - their first album, (which you can dl completely from Album) is majestic, euphoric, moving and sweeping, from loopedback glitchhappy songs, to short acapellish vignettes, the record climaxes around ten times in its 60-minute-course.

But there are some new-news at last, Album are about to release their sophomore record: Microbricolages, through the neolioness label Happy Fi, which will be distributed domestically through EMI (sorry but in this case domestically means Mexicanly).

Yet the best news are, for those of us impatiently waiting to listen to the new record, next monday (January 16th), Album will be streaming the new record through their website all day long, so I highly recommend you make sure to check it out.

And finally, the band was kind enough to share with us some of the new songs, and so, here we have a couple of exclusive tracks from the forthcoming, and some highlights from Eureka Son.

(H-R //mp3)

from forthcoming Microbricolages:
Es Facil (the lazerfunky first promo-single) &
Tractos (a cottoncandish MOKA-EXCLUSIVE track)
Fastidiar (a beatlesque/glitchhop MOKA-EXCLUSIVE track)

Para Carrie (a lost & lovely orphan song)

from debut Eureka Son (again - you can dl the whole album plus outtakes from Album):
Despues (an Enoesque lullaby)
2/3 (Beta Bandeados)
Hormigas (these are sublime vocals).

Additional Reading:
R.E (Espaniol)
3hive (English)


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