Artists giving away full records

I know I said I'll see you tomorrow but I no longer feel like going out today, so I'll just hang around here and swallow some sleeping pills later to sleep away the next part of the day.
I've wandered around the web these past days and I've found various artists that been giving their whole records on their webpages. Here's my personal recommendations for these free records I found while lost:

First, we have Seabear. I read about this icelandic fellow some 4 months ago and his songs have grown on my since then so much. The release starts hinting at the pretty melodies of mum with the opening song, "do you still like scarecrows?" but then the release shifts from the warm opening to the cold acoustic passages of "I need a home for my hands and my head" to the atmospheric beauty of "midori green". The 9 track Ep is a loner. Forlorn music that gets along very well with cold weathers. A keeper.

Seabear - do you still like scarecrows?
Seabear - midori green
Download the whole album here.

The Caretaker's "Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia" is a collection of 72 sinister ambient pieces, and contrary to what you may think, most of the releases has no fillers and it makes a noteworthy listen. Fans of Merzbow or Boards of Canada might want to check this one out. It's a bit time consuming to go through all the songs but it wont cost you anything after all.

The caretaker - memory 12
The caretaker - memory 21
The caretaker - memory 26
Download the whole album here.

And finally, Saw. Their release "the yellow light" is a collection of soft warm acoustic lullabies that will surely become my best friend this night. The subtle sensuality on the songs might very well be the product of the duo's french nationality. Of course by sensuality I mean it in a "surrogated sex" kind of sensuality.

Saw - hiding in corners
Saw - through the fire
Download the whole album here.

Sleepy time... and that image is apparently by some Renoux.


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