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If you're a constant traveller of mp3 blogs I'm sure you've heard a lot of times the names "arctic monkeys" and " we are scientists". To be honest I'm not that crazy about indie rock, but these pair have what it takes to conquer me: good beat, originality, snarky attitude and of course, the kinky factor. Plus they're finally releasing their first Lp's this month so I'll use it as an excuse to finally post about them.

The arctic monkeys have already got a lot of buzz everywhere, and they deserve it. Their songs are fun, their music has the right amount of energy and well, I'm giving them extra points for the exquisite british accent. Their first Lp 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' will be released on the 23rd of January.

The arctic monkeys - a certain romance
The arctic monkeys - the view from an afternoon

We are scientists, is another indie rock band I've been addicted to lately. they've received many support from around the music world and the blogosphere, and a few days ago they've released their first LP "with love and squalor" (title that I guess they took from the JD Salinger story with a similar name). Although people keep comparing them with a certain pretentious band called "Morningwood" and even to "Franz Ferdinand", I like this ones far much better, better lyrics and that early 80's sound we've all been obligated to love and worship.

We are scientists - the great escape
We are scientists - cashcow

I'd also like to mention a current favorite of mine, Man man, which is also releasing an album, "six demon bag", next month. Man Man, is a collective of artsy fellows (you know how much we love those type of people around here) whom create some sort of fucked up and addictive swamp jazz style complete with saloon style piano and tiptap percussion. Haven't purchased the release yet but I'm guessing this is going to be my pick for February. Hope you enjoy it too.
Oh, and they have a pretty good surreal video for their song "10lb moustache" that you can watch from their site here. Kudos to the great "are you familiar?" blog for all the support and love he's been directing to this band on the past months.

Man Man - engwish bwudd
Man man - Van helsing boombox

Image by eskimo hunter and print artist "Kiakshuk".

Update: Another one of my favorite blogs, everything is fire, posted about them recently too. Check the post with other two songs from Man man here.


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