Psicodiscographic Questionnaire - The attorneys

The first time I heard of "The Attorneys" was with the demo song, "Lonely guy", after several listens, I found the tune got stuck in my head all day long and I discovered, to my surprise, that I wasn't annoyed a bit for the fact that I couldn't get it out of my brain, the song channels and creates some sort of 60/70's rock sound and you know what? I just can't help loving raw pure rock and roll! We need more bands like this one, no more studio trickery or pretentious champagne dreams, give us back our pure and simple rock.

They've finally dropped their 19 song debut on us, which is divided into two parts entitled "sparrow gardens/pencil factory". The first part, sparrow gardens, was recorded on sea, well, on a recording studio which was installed on the boat, USS Winged Lady. "Sparrow Gardens" is the search of "The attorneys" for their sound and on the other hand "Pencil Factory" finds them already established on a catchy 80's rock sound aesthetic and rocking with conviction.
Keep an eye on this guys.

Well then, I was honored to interview John Wlaysewski, the diverse guitarrist from this up and coming band, many of his top records are also hitting my list too. Thanks for your time and your music John! Oh yeah, and I also love "Discipline" by Crimson.

While listening to your songs I've noticed a huge amount of influences on the music and your guitar playing. Is there any record that has influenced you the most?
Stylistically, my guitar playing changed very much after I was introduced to Sunnyday Real Estate's LP2 and "How It Feels To Be Something". These are 2 very textured cd's that still rock when they need to . I also get a lot of influence from King Crimson's Discipline album and The Police's Regatta De Blanc... I would say recently that a great Elliot Smith tune also helps me to inject emotion into my chord choices.

I love to play music while making breakfast, do you have any "cooking" album?
My cooking album's are both Tom Waits' "rain dogs" and Norah Jones's "Feels like Home" cd.

How about one for long trips or for driving?
Hmmm.. I always end up putting in "Long strange trip", a double album collection of Grateful Dead tunes. Something about their boogie makes road trips instantly happy.

I'm just very curious about this one, any favorite sexy records or songs?
That would have to be Jeff Buckley, Grace. Though I've found myself entwined in passionate embrace on more than one occasion to Enya's Shepherd Moon's album. Embarassing, I know, but with candles and a darkly lit room, it is quite an amorous experience, transcendent even.

This is the question where I ask you about your 5 records to take with you on a desert island.
OK Computer, Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, Darkside of the Moon, Discipline (King Crimson), Smile ( Brian Wilson). On a desert island I need to bring albums that reveal nuance everytime I put them on. I love music that can't be boiled down to formula, and these 5 consistently have new things to say.

The Attorneys - the way I want
The Attorneys - lonely guy

You may also want to check their space for songs and tour dates. Oh, and that guy in the picture is none other than Mr. Wlaysewski.


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