d. List in Spiced Cedar

A warm and soft late winter list, mainly indie and accoustic. Originally a small weekend 'Klatuu' list, this has been modified so many time, it doesn't have any theme beyond mood/dream-pop/psych pop. All the artists has just released either their first or second album. If you are into trippier pop, try Monkey Swallows The univrse, Odran Trummel, In Gowan Ring. High dials is a more up beat psych rock, their second album is worth a try. Enjoy.

01. Monkey Swallows The Universe - Sheffield Shanty
02. The Clientele - Joseph Cornell
03. High Dials - Diamond in the Dark
04. Odran Trummel - Salty Lake
05. Tarkio - Tristan And Iseult
06. In Gowan Ring - Tothrum
07. Rahim - Forever Love
08. Pet Politics - The Cold Wind Blows

Note: to Anna. well, here is the 'Klatuu' like list. Better late than never I guess.
image credit : djking


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