// La Discomuerte --- sinister scenesters

deadpan delivery. la discomuerte.
slowmotion swirling. raw flesh in cold sweat.
cavernosa y echoladden.
freezeframe spasms. amorfidades.
aftermath rituals.
el devenir de los muertos.
electro mas disco mas dub.
let's dance our lives off.
just let's.

the knife - silent shout.
chromatics - glass slipper.
mount sims - restless.
juan maclean - tito's way (reverso b8 mix).
glass candy - life after sundown.
lasser moderna - la cumbia del estereo.
beautiful skin - frontline.
tom vek - on the road.

criaturas de la noche, we might as well be but
zombies - aren't we all?

Illustration by Stuart Bayley.


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