Like A Eagle: THE MOVIE!

A 20 minute mini-movie starring me, Like A Eagle....I mean, how else can I explain my absence from the wonderful Motel de Moka except through an audio adventure filled with elegant romance and high action through sound! Travel with me if you dare!...

My adventure began simply enough, I was walking down the street with my mind in the clouds, thinking of how to please my dearest one on Valentine's Day. (Sand - Lovin' You). Then out of nowhere....ROBOTS! Attacking! They picked me up and carried me off! What was I to do?! (Boom & Birds - Marcha de Robots). I passed out to find myself traveling across an intergalactic desert in a caravan of space missionaries, they take me deep into a cave...where are these dirty space hippies taking me? (Ghost - Who Found a Lost Rose in the Warship?). They bring me before their leader who tells me I will be sold as a space slave! NO! I'm looking around...how do I get out of here?...this can't be happening! (Broadcast - Microtronics Seven). Out of nowhere a little friendly robotic insect comes to my aid and picks the locks on my shackles. (Brother - Leaf Hopper). TIME TO ESCAPE! I dash through the dark corridors of the cave maze and try to find daylight. (Ennio Morricone - Gil Intoccabili). At the exit to the cave I find the swankest space cruiser I've ever seen...It's got leather interiors, ground effects, mini tv screens in the back of the seats, and a boomin' system. The robotic insect crawls on my shoulder says, "you know what to do." I jump in the sweet ride, crank the tunes, and now I'm heading back to Earth. (David Last - The Push Pull). I find my way home just in time to have the closing credits roll...a sun sets in the distance, I'm back to my Valentine at last...phew...that was close. (Nick Harrison - The Loner).

It's good to be back...thanks for having me.


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