Valentine Day

"The Ritual in Black and White"

Scene from a ritual: three cool cats, a girl who wants to be called salty dog, a wish, an encounter, and another wish. What is it that make us start it all for that special somebody? The little flips, the little roles, the excitement of encounter, a wish upon a beginning. A chance for dissolution into another state of being. It doesn't even seem to be a sensible reasoning, yet perfect. Just because... 'Your are mine, your experiance calls for me. You think like a whip on a horse's back. I can tell you taste like sky, cause you look like rain". A hope and a gaze. This is 'list c'.

Ry Cooder - 3 Cool Cats
Cat Power - Salty Dog
Morphine - Take Me with You
Devendra Banhart - Santa Maria Da Feira
Morphine - You Look Like Rain

"Galaxy, Centuries, Eternal Dust, Red Earth"

'list d.' Permutation of a story. A 3 a.m. slow core list with a good mix of psychedelia. It seems to be a perfect style to end the sketch. Slow rythm stretching a song into mere texture. Suspending time, revealing delicate first voice, and letting the narrative out. Fountain of fire is my favorite in the list. It captures perfectly the serene feeling of solitary being seeing it all unfold. "Last night in a dream. I travelled for years and years. Galaxies, centuries. Red earth, eternal dusk. Changed my destiny in the shivering light. I've arrived. When you see me, burn me down". Cassandra Wilson rendition of Son House 'Death Letter' is one of my personal top chart. A dark tragedy of knowing lost opportunity of love. 'I didn't know I love him, until they lay him down'. Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' is also a classic. Happy Valentine day.

Hope Sandoval - Around My Smile
Tara Angell - You Can't Say No To Hell
Elysian Fields - Fountains On Fire
Cassandra Wilson - Death Letter
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

see also : list a, list b
image : Thomas Hawk, Todd K


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