Seduction in Skin Tone

"If love is a danger, should we avoid it...?", so begins the sketch that will end at Feb 14. This is 'list a', the first of valentine week series, slowly flow with music, hopping from blog to blog telling story. It begins here and will end here at Feb 14. Each list tells a story and hints what the next will tell. It might be broken, incomplete, imperfect, frustrating, followed by small revelation and momentary smile, just like the "memory of love". "Is it too much fooling around, in this game of romance? .... won't it be a happy end? you gotta do what you gotta do."

DJ Krush - Danger Of Love
Gotan Project - Una Musica Brutal
Lovage - Everyone Has A Summer
Hooverphonic - no more sweet music

image : sebastian miquel


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