While often compared to "childtronica" pioneers, Múm, Balún are a completely different beast to tame. They are constantly (along with many other similar electronic acts) tagged next to Múm for a reason: They both make fragile and lovely music, often charmingly odd but with a gleeful melancholy and they both use similar instrumentation and a shared aesthetic for fragile innocence. But where Icelanders, Múm, evoke nostalgia for childhood, Balún evokes childhood itself. For best or for worse, they supress any undertones on their music, so the songs flow along like a beautiful narcotic dream free from spite, malice or anything that may disrupt the overwhelming sphere in which these "balúns" live.
Their melodies incorporate a wide use of live instrumentation (violin, piano, melodica and god! many accordions!) which add a more naked honesty to their sound by giving life to the once believed rigid and cold computer music.

Their first Lp, "something comes our way", will be released through Brillante records on June 27th. The album collects some of the songs from their previous net released and rare Ep's along many new ones that finds them more confident in the textures they create and even flirting with electropop at times. Their music may not be revolutionary or groundbreaking at all, but when you're looking for a soundtrack to slowly emerge from some watery depth and to take you to some pleasant and beautiful countryside, then this is the kind of redemption songs you've been secretly humming to yourself all this years.

Balún - a surprise
Balún - everything's alright

Also check: This interview I did to the members of Balún about their favorite records.


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