sometimes i just want to be hugged

we all know that the process of covering a great song is not quite the easy feat, as to top the magic of an original is highly impossible. however, it sure is interesting to listen to artists that surprisingly work in their very own way. id like to share with you, three of my personal favorites, enjoy~

blue monday
now i stand here waiting
i thought i told you to leave me
while i walked down to the beach
tell me how does it feel
when yr heart grows cold
original:: new order
cover:: flunk

one more cup of coffee
yr sister sees the future
like yr mama and yrself
you've never learned to read or write
there's no books upon yr shelf
and yr pleasure knows no limits
yr voice is like a meadowlark
but yr heart is like an ocean
mysterious and dark

original:: bob dylan
cover:: white stripes

sweeter than anything
now he talks in his sleep
says ive never known peace
and i don't know him now
he's a stranger to me
how can this be?
there's nothing left here
original:: pj harvey
cover:: bonnie prince billy

image by tara mcpherson


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