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i have never it considered before, but for me, the sensation of the musically ethereal [and i say sensation, idea, just as an approximation] is very similar to the sensation of driving at high speeds. rather, the sensation of looking out the passenger window while someone drives at high speeds.

and so, reading an essay on music by alejo carpentier, i remembered a simple notion. context matters. music is meaningful when its feet are on the ground. play these tracks when you're in your car and let me know if you soared through the air.


i like the peace
in the backseat,
i don't have to drive,
i don't have to speak,
i can watch the country side,
and i can fall asleep.

felt - dance of deliverance
royksopp - only this moment
low skies - palmyra
a silver mt zion - mountains made of steam
tool - disposition

see> img "reflect" by jimgun

read> Carpentier, Alejo. "America Latina en la confluencia de coordenadas historicas y su repercusion en la musica"; in Aretz, Isabel. America Latina en su musica. Mexico: Siglo Veintiuno Editores: 1993. p.7-19

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