Proposal for a soundtrack to a suicide #8

"My heart, like wax, has melted in the midst of my bowels" (Psalm 22 , 14). Dios santo, haz lo que puedas hasta que te tire mis huesos a la cabeza!

El suicidio como cualquier otro intento de salvacion, es una acto religioso (E.M. Cioran).

Departure Hymns:

Arvo Part - fur alina
Gavin Bryars - Titanic Hymn
Samuel Barber - adagio for strings (op. 11)
Ketil Bjornstad & David Darling - the river I

The death muses:

Jasmine Star - sky decides
Sibylle Baier - the end
Lydia Lunch - gloomy sunday
Nico - the end

Songs playing on the stereo when they found your body:

Frank Zappa - watermelon in easter hay
Labradford - P
Stars of the Lid - I will surround you
Lexaunculpt - le elancholia

And finally, songs to play at the funeral:

Violeta Parra - gracias a la vida
Cesaria Evora - carnaval de sao vicente

Lecturas suicidas recomendadas: "El ocaso del pensamiento" y "El libro de las quimeras" ambos de Emil Cioran, y bueno, ya si estas muy topo, uno de esos manuales para suicidas de aquellos que proliferan en la web.
Image credit: Melancholia by Edvard Munch.


  • At 9:27 PM, February 07, 2006, Anonymous Mazzy said…

    I heart Moka-

    This is a very inspired soundtrack. I'd definitely use it if I were commiting suicide.

    Great touch on the carnival song for the funeral ;)

  • At 9:57 PM, February 07, 2006, Blogger Squashed said…

    wow, this is a really an elaborate list. Hey is Moka turning total emo on us? :D

  • At 10:01 PM, February 07, 2006, Blogger issa said…

    awesome songs. and MUNCH!

    i love moka too. <3
    marry me? please?
    girl-on-girl marriage?

    kisses :*:*:*

  • At 4:43 AM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Makrugaik said…

    Moka H. Coco-Cola: I was wondering if you had checked out the stuff by Jordi Savall and Hesperion XX. Should we be expecting any Ligeti vocal works soon? (those are my fave of his). And your detailed paintings ?

    Isolee is coming here in April. Just thought I'd mention it in case he owes anyone any money around here...

    ***closer to the golden dawn***

  • At 8:20 AM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said…

    Nico sure got "The End'. Talk about stroking a homer...no more suicides please.

  • At 1:07 PM, February 08, 2006, Anonymous Folger said…

    Somber post. I wouldn't commit suicidemyself butthe selections are wonderful... more of this please... Where can I listen to the other 7 proposals?

  • At 2:49 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Moka said…

    Im definitely not turning emo squashed don't worry, I was just exposing the suicidal we all have inside of us.
    This doesn't mean that suicide is a common thought inside me, to be honest I never think about it and I wouldn't do it at all, but my state ranks number 3rd on suicides in the country and I've always been pro-suicide because I've had enough experience to understand the reasons why some people take this choice. I've even had close friends and family that have commited suicide and I myself was sick with bipolar disease 4 years ago... it's a hell of a ride and I certainly wouldn't wish this kind of things to anyone. I hate it when people express strong opinions about things they don't know, anyone that has been on deep depression in his life changes his focus on suicide.

    Makrugaik: I almost posted a song from Ligeti's ramifications. One of my favorite works from him. I'll upload those paintings later aight?

    Oh folger, there ain't no other 7 proposals, that was just a pun on pretentious art-

  • At 3:04 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Squashed said…

    No. 1 to number 7 all dies before they we can save the list.


  • At 3:07 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Squashed said…

    "Moka said...
    I hate it when people express strong opinions about things they don't know, anyone that has been on deep depression in his life changes his focus on suicide."

    aw moka. I was talking about "emo" as in emo-rock/music preference. not in some state of mind profile.

    but okay...I owe you a lunch for that. :D

  • At 3:49 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Makrugaik said…

    M: 'aight. Check out those recommendations if you get a chance. That Savall guy (his wife is the leader of Hesperion XX) has done some really amazing stuff, recreating baroque era compositions with period instruments. He was the person who put together the soundtrack for All The Mornings Of The World. I've listened to tons of it when I working "the CD shop curcuit", but I don't have in the collection. Same with Ligeti, actually. Oh yeah, I do have one Hesperion CD, which is a collection of madrigals from pre-middle ages, I think.

  • At 4:06 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Makrugaik said…

    I really did almost get run over by Hugh Masekela today. That's a true story.

  • At 4:39 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Moka said…

    Oh no squashed, I didn't meant you to take the guilt to my comment :P I wasn't commenting on your comment (?) I was trying to explain why I'm pro-suicide...

    Mmm, makrugaik? pardon my ignorance, but who's Hugh Masekela and why is he trying to run you oveR?

  • At 4:41 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Moka said…

    Anyway, if any of our readers arereally planning on suicide and are taking the soundtrack, remember to mention the blog within the suicide note.

  • At 1:24 AM, February 09, 2006, Blogger Squashed said…

    back on topic,

    I like this psot a lot. It's one of the best I've bump into. The death muses section is really gripping.

    PS. somebody should fix that 'Arvo part' link. it's broken. (I have to post some arvo part after I am done with what's on the plate right now) Arvo part has some sweet songs that goes nicely with indies and electronica. (yeah here come weird lists)

  • At 6:51 PM, February 09, 2006, Anonymous Fuxoyo said…

    Why have none of you mentioned the exquisite! EXQUISITE I mean, song from Zappa, this is the best one in here- but truth to be told the whole collection is great.
    Please search for the other 7 proposals, I'd be deeply grateful if you did that for us.

  • At 4:58 PM, February 12, 2006, Blogger mennu said…

    Dear Moka,

    Great work there. I had a blissed out afternoon listening to your peace-inspiring mix. I agree with the other posts about Nico and Zappa.

    Now, as for all the banter here:

    I made a suicide mix on a cassette in 1989. Don't have a copy of it, but I'm sure if I wracked my brain I can come up with half of the track list, and maybe take some creative license on my musical past and reconstruct the playlist as I see fit today. Wow. That was a long sentence. I like the idea of following a theme for a mix and agree that it should not be taken as personal statement of being by the mixer, but rather as a creative expression.

    Just enjoy the music.

    Shine on,


  • At 1:32 PM, February 13, 2006, Blogger like a eagle said…

    killer (literally) mix!
    sorry i've been gone so long....busy times here...

    a good post or 10 coming from me soon soon soon!!!

    if i had a dollar for every time i stared at my ceiling from my bed while listening to this labradford track, i'd be rich! i wish i could get a version that never ended.

    and the Gavin Bryars song is a new personal favorite of mine....i totally lost myself in it about a month ago on a friday night....

    great stuff...

  • At 5:26 PM, February 13, 2006, Blogger Moka said…

    Glad the both of you liked the songs, to be honest this list took some weeks to create- come on mennu share your list with us.

  • At 10:45 PM, February 15, 2006, Blogger like a eagle said…

    i'm gunna work on one, it may take me weeks as well, but i will make a similar list.

    great idea!


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