Reveries for the lost echoes

Today I offer you a half ambient-vocal mix, I'm calling it "half" because it's not strictly ambient nor it has vocals all the way. It's more ambient in tone and feeling. The list was initially intended to be 8 tracks long but our upload service is giving us some trouble so I'm cutting it down to 6 pieces of earcandy.

Specially check out Daryl Hall's (ex-hall & "fucking" oates) "the farther away I am" from the album "sacred songs" which counted with the collaboration of the amazing Robert Fripp as a session guitarist making use of his then new "Frippertronics" (which mainly consisted of several loop tapes making harmonizing sounds while Fripp did his usual guitar magic overneath it to make it sound like there was a full orchestra in the studio) and John Martyn's "Small hours", a sultry 9 minute piece which has led several critics to describe Martyn as the "Father of Trip-Hop", approaching this song in its own terms will eventually reveal its secret.

Hope you enjoy.

The free associaton - platform 23
(code 46 soundtrack, 2004)
Daryl Hall - the farther away I am
(sacred songs, 1980)
Loren Mazzacane Connors - Untitled (track 4)
(Airs, 1999)
John Martyn - small hours
(one world, 1977)
U2 - MLK
(the unforgettable fire, 1984)
Bed - an itch
(the newton plum, 2001)

Image: Moki, (pronounced mioke) a german artist with some very nice and varied artwork which at certain points reminds me of Gauckler's work although she mentions Hayao Miyazaki (princess mononoke, spirited away) as her main influence. Her site is quite difficult to navigate (don't you all hate flash sites?) but once you get to the illustrations is worth the search.

Speaking of which, one of my favorite illustrators, Maxi Luchini, has opened a new blog a month ago where he'll be constantly exposing some tidbits of his extensive and marvellous portofolio. Obligatory bookmark.


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