Our last days of summer.

Something for the last heatwaves. The whole playlist is mostly balearic and downtempo sounds where dreaming guitar lines usually play the leading role. I'm specially fond of the Smith & Mudd and the Lindstrom & Prins Thomas at the moment ("Feel PM" is the evening update of "Feel AM" in case you were confused). Also, if you enjoy the Arrial, his whole album is available for free download here.

01. Bonobo - ketta
(days to come, 2006)
02. Arrial - I predict a quiet (spanish dub)
(For the love, 2006)
04. Smith & Mudd - Blue River
(Cottage 12", 2006)
05. Kuniyuki - earth beats (percussion dub)
(Earth beats, 2005)
06. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - feel PM
(Mighty Girl ep, 2006)
07. Bliss - the return (edit)
(they made history, 2006)
08. Royksopp - someone like me
(the understanding, 2005)

Image: Eduardo Recife.


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