Esta semana pensaba hablar de Italia, pero resulta que llega el verano y...!!me voy de vacaciones!!!

Asi que hoy toca musica de veranito y vacaciones.

Pero primero debo decir que me siento:

Super peaches - ifeelhappy
Bobby McFerrin - I Feel Good

y ahora si...tooooma verano!


Los ronaldos - Busco un lugar soleado

EA! - María la Cubana

john buzon trio - mr ghost goes jo jown

los ronaldos - Y no cantaré

trio mocoto - Tudo Bem

Gekcko Turner - toda mojaita

Perez Prado - El Manisero

vinicio capossela - ultimo amore

pink martini - Anna (El Negro Zunbon)

louie austen - one night in rio

Ernest Ranglin - 54-46 (Was My Number)

jorge drexler - don de fluir

Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk


Con orgullo

Y aquí la retro-recopilatorío para un fin de semana muy "orgulloso" ;D

Locomía - Rumba, Samba, Mambo
Vox's - I wanna feel you
David Hasselhoff - Crazy For You
Mónica Naranjo - Desatame
Mecano - Me colé en una fiesta
Cheo Burgos - Camionero
Ant.Aguilar - Copitas Copotas
Camilo Sesto - Melancolía

Image vía Last Night Party ;)


Nice, Generics and Everything Else

I. Directional counter balance. To fill my quota of non existence rule, here is a perfectly pop-ish list. Yes, this snark has to end sometimes, but on serious side, I do have to post something less extreme so later I can get away with exotic stuff. I cobble this in about 5 minutes. If it isn't up to usual lists, use the comment section to complain. eh hmmm...

"Generic Pop List"

01. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
02. Money Brother - Reconsider Me
03. Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor
04. New York Rifles - Redlight Suppertime
05. Bobby Baby - Bobby

II. Noteable recent album releases. Since Moka is on vacation, I'll gobble all the good CD's and do my mini pre-reviews now. Fuller playlist later.

Bring Me The Workhorse by My Brightest Diamond. A beautiful album done by Shara Worden. She is opera singer by trade, sings with Sufjan Stevens and it shows. Her voice is somewhere between Mia Doi Todd and PJ Harvey, but all her songs are intimate. Strings, guitar, layers, and close mic, very close. This album would be my top choice for Fall. (Release date is August 22)

01. My Brightest Diamond - Disappear

The Avalanche by Sufjan Stevens. Obvious season pick. His usual fare of music, outakes from his last album Illinois.

02. Sufjan Stevens - The Henney Buggy Band

WWI by White Whales. A retro 70's rock album, in tradition of Led Zeppelin. It's a familiar work with interesting story to tell.

03. White Whales - The Admiral

S/T by Brightblack Morning Light. A slowcore gospel mixed with California psychedelia. One of my recent favorite.

04. Brightblack Morning Light - Everybody Daylight

Mobile by Glenn Kotch. A Jazz experimental album, percussian work really. It has two tracks I really like. The whole thing is academic, but not without its lyrical moment.

05. Glenn Kotsch - Projections of (What) Might. . .

Image: Gustav Klimt, Serpent I (1904-07)


Bossa Nova Annex

A small bossa nova anex playlist. Despite being short, this list lies smack in the middle of "bossa nova". A mix between samba and jazz, bossa nova becomes popular around the 60's. It goes as far back as 1953 whn Brazillian guitarist Laurindo Almeida and Texas-born bassist Harry Babasin combines the two styles during a show at Hollywood's 881 Club. In Herbie Mann description, Bossa nova shows that a player can be lyrical and still swing, that one can be masculine without shouting, and has long line that is important in jazz. Bossa nova was born to be cool and sensuous. It's the best combination music has to offer when the time demand. This list below are mainly from Blue Notes Records which is the epicenter of 60's jazz evolution with a mix of cool here and there. enjoy.

01. Stanley Turrentine - Wave
02. Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto - O Grande Amor
03. Stan Getz - Summertime
04. Dexter Gordon - Love for Sale
05. Joe Henderson - Blue Bossa

Image credit: eyecatcher


Weekend Mini Update

Weekend mini update. A little of everything. Go ahead bop your head. Try not to spill your drink while doing it. enjoy.

Shelley Short - Singing Brigade
(Oh Say Little Dogies, Why? , 2006)
The Impossible Shapes - Pan-Ther
(Tum, 2005)
Deerhoof - L'amour Stories
(Apple O', 2003)
Delta 5 - Now That You've Gone
(Singles & Sessions 1979-81, 1979)
Panda and Angel - Dangerous
(EP, 2006)

image credit: -sel-


Five Easy Lists for Lovers d.New Wave

Wee hour soft whisper.

Old redo of a dissonance list. I've been trying to create a list that capture distinct texture of modern noise rock that brings out strange yet gentle delirium. Similar to Shoegazer but much more alien, primordial at the same time modern. It's a bit like one's feeling turned inside out during a wee hour lover confession. Nothing would be the same anymore yet everything remains. What is bitter is sweet and what is sweet is sweeter.

01. Kevin Shields - Are You Awake?
02. Sonic Youth - I Love You Golden Blue
03. Polvo - Enemy Insects
04. The Dead Science - Gamma Knife
05. Karate - One Less Blues
06. Blonde Redhead - I Don't Want U
07. The Mercury Program - Egypt

image credit: evinsky


Distant sounds of summer III

Siempre me ha costado trabajo intentar dormir en las noches. Si no son los zancudos, es la madera de mi mesa o la duela del pasillo, tiene un crujido oscuro, un desgarrón difuso de tormenta. Periódicas migrañas que la torturan. Sus fibras cediendo, descruzandose, buscando un acomodo mas humano. La madera recordando viejos brazos, y que recuerda que reverdecían.

Susumu Yokota - my energy
(wonder waltz, 2006)
Vic Chesnutt - fortright
(Ghetto bells, 2005)
Brian Eno & John Cale - cordoba
(wrong way up, 1990)
Carlos Maria Trindade, Nuno Canavarro - CMT Plan
(Mr. Wollogallu, 1991)
Midlake - young bride
(the trials of Van Occupanther, 2006)
Nick Castro & the young elders - winding tree
(Strange attractors, 2006)
The Late Cord - my most meaningful relationships are with dead people
(lights from the wheelhouse, 2006)
Current 93 - beautiful dancing dust (with Antony)
(Black Ships ate the sky, 2006)

It should be noted that the moon, while it probably won't land on you, would actually kill you if it did.

Related posts: Part I, Part II.

Image: Tom Chambers.


Five Easy Lists for Lovers. a.Bossa Nova

Two a.m Bossa Nova list for that special someone. I haven't made a serious practical list for awhile, so here is hopefully a complete series. Echoing Moka's theme, this will curve around downtempo, shoegazer and indies. The first is Bossa Nova. An atmospheric list for delicate and luxurious moment, there is no tension but few continous light flirts and small conversations in the air. With Nouvelle Vague made a fashionable run these days, I thought I raid my CD collections and rip bunch of Bossa Nova fav. So here is a list. Stan Getz, Kenny Burrell and Rita Lee are the main attraction before everything turns simpler, slower and softer. It closes with Yusef Lateef, if you will end the slow mood. Otherwise loop back to track one and repeat. Enjoy. Don't forget something light and sweet (w/alcohol).

01. Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa - O Morro Nao Tem Vez (AKA Favela)
02. Kenny Burrell - Chitlins Corn Carne
03. Kenny Burrell - Moon And Sand
04. Rita Lee - She Loves You (Beatles Cover)
05. Shivaree - The Fat Lady Of Limbourg (Brian Eno Cover)
06. Shirley Horn - Here's to Life
00. Yusef Lateef - Jungle Plum

image credit: Manu Galindo



Esta semana pensaba hablar de Italia, pero la abrumadora presencia del mundial de futbol me ha hecho decantarme por brasil.

Brasil y futbol:
Gekcko Turner - que papa e esse

Open foraina - futbol samba-shank

Los dos siguientes temas los conseguí de manera fraudulente y no se quienes son los interpretes ... ¿algun melomano en la sala?
historia do samba

pais tropical

mas cosas:
jazzinho - Sin Ou Nao
riachao - pitada de tabaco
Zuco 103 - Brazilectro

Las frikadas:
Una canción que gravé con un amigo y un casiotone
La familia rustika - ven
El pescailla hace practicas de ingles cantando chica de ipanema


Bedroom Rockers Contest

Back on October, when the motel was just opening it's doors, I divided the posts into three major categories: "Elevator Beat" for the chilly, jazzy, downtempo type of music, "Laundry Room" for the new and otherwise challenging music around here and, well, "Bedroom rockers", which was based on friend Susy Q's original idea on how to arrange a good bedroom playlist by dividing it into 6 very helpful sub-categories (Rhytmic and exotic oddysey, deep and tender sex, upset and frenetic mating, cosmic sexual trip, sunday morning sex & kinky collection).

At the time, I thought having sex-themed posts would open up many posting possibilites: going back and forth on the sexiest songs of the month, music to make stripteases to, erotic music through the years, and so on. After the blog ran, I realized that I hadn't established to much identity to this kind of posts and that there's a noticeable lack of sexy songs around the "indie-sphere" to be constantly bringing anything new to the blog. The sex posts, I concluded, would eventually become redundant. As I started inviting people to form a staff I'm very proud of, the original 3 posting categories were gone, and only random "kinky collections" are still posted irregulary. (For a complete list of the kinky collections so far, check this complete link set that was posted by squashed on a thread at freeponytheory.)

Anyhow, to conmemorate those early motel days and to celebrate summer the way we ought to, I'm uploading a whole set of bedroom rockers, some of this songs have already been uploaded to the blog, but I tried to keep it as fresh and eclectic as I could. Pick your poison & enjoy.

But, wait there's more! just before I dissapear for a pair of weeks, I'd like to throw the first official contest at MdM (yey!). The rules are simple: leave a comment with your mail and with what you consider are the 3 sexiest songs before Saturday, June 24th and if you win you will get 2 CD's of your choice from either Insound, Amazon or CDUniverse (woohoo!). The winner will be notified when I come back via mail, July 11th. (Note: Each CD can have a maximum price of $20, or if you'd rather have one of those expensive $35-$40 dollar imports then it will be arranged via mail). The best recommendations I get from the comments are likely to be included on a next bedroom rockers post, which will in turn be provided as a soundtrack to the russian financed porn movie "Honeymoon in chernobyl" (медовый месяц в Чернобыля) directed by Aleksei Balabanov. All profits from the soundtrack will be donated to the "children with three hairs on the left testicle fund". Good luck!

Rhytmic and Exotic Oddysey

Gustavo Cerati - tabu
The Stone Roses - breaking into heaven
Sean Lennon - photosynthesis
Massive Attack - Karmaca (ventom dub special)
Arto Lindsay - erotic city

Deep and Tender Sex

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - feel am
Air - ce matin la
Santo & Johnny - and I love her
Neko Case - look for me (I'll be around)
Os mutantes - baby

Upset and Frenetic Mating

Depeche Mode - dangerous (sensual mixxx)
The Cure - lullaby
Radiohead - talk show host (black dog remixxx)
Oasis - fucking in the bushes
Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod

Cosmic Sexual Trip

Yume Bitsu - song three
Seefeel - through you
Soda Stereo - luna roja (soul mixxx)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook - sweet pain
Fatboy Slim - sunset

Sunday Morning Sex

The Beatles - flying
King Crimson - walking on air
Brian Eno - and then so clear
Frank Zappa - watermelon in easter hay
Lucybell - amanece

Kinky Collection (XII)

Coppe - Vad
Tosca - wonderful
Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland - promiscuous girl
Peggy Lee - fever
Robbers on the high street - the price & style

Photograph credits: Sofa series by Merkley, via dadanoias.


Nothing You Can Say

Friday afternoon ditties for messy time.

I know Goddamned well it's party time
Listen to that square talking shit,
and couldn't mean a thing
Trying to bullshit the public
you know damned well I am the game
-RL. Burnside

"Garden of Love - Nothing You can Say"

01. The Skatalites - Garden of Love
02. Peter Case - Let's Turn This Thing Around
03. The Gossip - Fire With Fire
04. R.L. Burnside w/ Jon Spencer - The Criminal Inside Me
05. Holly Golightly - Nothing You Can Say

image credit: pumpkinoodle

// Inbred - - dance inwards.

just do

Depeche Mode, Suffer Well (M83 Remix).
M83, Teen Angst (Montag Remix).
Goldfrapp, Black Cherry (M83 Remix).
Depeche Mode, Halo (Goldfrapp Remix).
Jenny Wilson, Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward (The Knife Remix).
Annie, Helpless Fool For Love (Patrick Wolf Remix).
Stina Nordenstarm, Parliament Square (The Knife Remix).
The Knife, Marble House (PTR Remix).
Goldfrapp, Time Out From The World (Fields Remix).


or else...

+R289/M83+-+Teen+Anmx*29.mp3">Parliament Square (The Knife
ce/8RHU5X4gst+*28MonmSpace/6FHVDEVPNJ/Goldfnny Wilson-/st
rapp+-+Black+Cherry+*28M83+Reix)@/a .strong>The Knife, /a href="http://www.ez*28Patrick+Wolf+Mix*29.mp3"/HelpleDe



While often compared to "childtronica" pioneers, Múm, Balún are a completely different beast to tame. They are constantly (along with many other similar electronic acts) tagged next to Múm for a reason: They both make fragile and lovely music, often charmingly odd but with a gleeful melancholy and they both use similar instrumentation and a shared aesthetic for fragile innocence. But where Icelanders, Múm, evoke nostalgia for childhood, Balún evokes childhood itself. For best or for worse, they supress any undertones on their music, so the songs flow along like a beautiful narcotic dream free from spite, malice or anything that may disrupt the overwhelming sphere in which these "balúns" live.
Their melodies incorporate a wide use of live instrumentation (violin, piano, melodica and god! many accordions!) which add a more naked honesty to their sound by giving life to the once believed rigid and cold computer music.

Their first Lp, "something comes our way", will be released through Brillante records on June 27th. The album collects some of the songs from their previous net released and rare Ep's along many new ones that finds them more confident in the textures they create and even flirting with electropop at times. Their music may not be revolutionary or groundbreaking at all, but when you're looking for a soundtrack to slowly emerge from some watery depth and to take you to some pleasant and beautiful countryside, then this is the kind of redemption songs you've been secretly humming to yourself all this years.

Balún - a surprise
Balún - everything's alright

Also check: This interview I did to the members of Balún about their favorite records.


Peaches is Canadian-born, Berlin-based electro punk slash performance artist revolutionary. She debuts in 2000 and has been rocking the world since with weird brand of minimalist electro synth punk. The ultimate DIY artist. She has to, nobody wants to pick up her work initially. Her live performance is a stuff of the legend, in tradition of german expresionist. (or sex craze, whichever you want to call it) But one thing is certain, she is no Britney Spears type of sexiness, her work is always charged with counter culture politics. Think riotgrrrl meet funkadelic. And her latest album 'Impeach My Bush' is her masterpeace. Peaches rocks.

01. Peaches - Fuck or Kill
02. Peaches - Do Ya
03. Peaches - Diddle My Skittle (from first release)
04. Peaches - Stick It To The Pimp
05. Peaches - Give'er

image:: peaches

The Bends Reworked

1. Radiohead - planet telex (karma sunra rmx)
2. Anthrax - the bends
3. Transient feat. Shelonda - fake plastic trees
4. Bilal & Pete Kuzma - high and dry
5. Radiohead - Bones (live)
6. Matthew Herbert and Mara Carlyle - (nice dream)
7. Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald - just
8. The Section - my iron lung
9. Sarah Slean - bulletproof (I wish I was)
10. Christoper O' Riley - black star
11. Peter Mulvey - sulk
12. The Darkness - street spirit (fade out)

The bends was created as a malignant and humurous reaction to the one-hit-wonder pigeonhole of "Creep". Probably the last rock oriented album from Radiohead we'll ever hear and the one which has arguably the biggest hooks of their career, not to mention the impotence & affecting claustrophobia reached in songs like "fake plastic trees" and "street spirit", some of the most affecting Thom Yorke's pen has begotten.
With hindsight after OK Computer and everything else that has come since, The Bends seems just a little bit less special than it once was. Today I have given myself the task to recover the stark and simple beauty of "the bends" by offering you diverse covers and remixes (actually just one remix) that have helped me gain more appreciattion again for this album. I couldn't find any remix or cover of "Bones", a shame as it is one of my favorite songs from the album, I'm filling it with a live version of the song with Thom's voice sounding somewhat cynical (he used to be a very moody small man back then).
Hope you enjoy.

Also check: Kid A reworked.


to people living in 1881, 1981 must've seemed very far away

01 kettel_little tongues
02 weave_vertu
03 ola bauriman_i still want to kill you
04 squarepusher_beep street
05 ammoncontact_let the rhythm mysticism
06 some water and sun_snowbreaker (dabrye remix)
07 v.l.a.d._nigapoz
08 prhizzm_bending shadows toward the light
09 multiplex_where_.
10 lilienthal_isn't so

buh buh ba du

Y es que con esa vocecita Helen Kane me hace sentir boop ;)

Helen Kane - I want to be bad.mp3

Helen Kane - I wanna be loved by you.mp3

Betty Boop theme.mp3

Paul Whiteman - Charleston.mp3

Eubi Blacke - The Charleston.mp3

The image is from here



Esta semana pensaba hablar de Italia, pero la visita de un amigo me ha recordado que el barrio donde me crié era conocido como KATANGA, porque era el mas alejado del centro. Asi que volviendo a mis origenes hoy toca AFRIKA, o mejor dicho, algunas canciones que recuerdan el sonido de este continente.

Gecko Turner - Guapa Pasea
Los Amigos Invisibles - All Day Today
Zap Mama - Mamadit
Ernest Ranglin and the African - Ezi Myama
Fela Kuti - nigerian afro beat


Weekend Intermission. (w/ Dirty Little Secret)

Weekend intermission. Is MdM the only place with louder intermission between shoegazers and ambient lists? (hmm.) Little review. Dirty Little Secret is a new LA based punk rock formed in '02 and released their first album Cabin Fever late last year. Two things stick out: interesting chorus and a little obsessed with sex. They sounds a little like Beck meets Green Day to me. Yes, that's my standard name dropping reference for every LA based pop punk these days. But click them and do tell me what they sound like to you. Track 5 is out of Praxis Album Transmutandis. It's Buckethead/Laswell project. Always amazing and strange, the best psychedelia P-funk.

have a nice weekend.

01. The Libertines - Road to Ruin
02. Dirty Little Secret - Hush Your Lips
03. Dirty Little Secret - Three Way Sex
04. Dirty Little Secret - Long Gone
05. Praxis - The Interworld and The New Innocence

image credits: grebo guru


Uncommon confessions

Nothing warms a cold and sterile motel room better than ambling subtle beats ocassionally joined by seraphic voices (or wallpaper music, so to speak) and a bubble bath the temperature of blood.

lemongrass - come with me
Neon - crazy girl
Transient ft. Shelonda - fake plastic trees
Bobby Baby - bobby
Ellis island sound - bontemp rain effect
Kazumasa Hashimoto - monochrome prome

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this week and the past one, I've been very busy at work and I haven't been able to get ahead on this week's motel''s posts as I normally do. Next week I will resume my motel's duties as normal. Thanks for your patience and for staying around. I shall reward you greatly after you sacrifice your first born child for me.

Image: Motel Fetish (adults only, kiddos).


Summer List No.7

Summer... It's summer. I want something with energy, screaming, loud and kicking. So Here is a near metal all girl fun punk List. Open with cute canadian pop punk group, Controller.controller. An absolutely kick ass new unknown band from OZ, Young and Resless. Bikini Kill and 50 foot Wave are classic. Check out LKN, she is brillian (If not a neurotic hyper creative genius.) Consider this the soundtrack for rapidly boiling planet. Soon we have to update standard Temperature and Pressure by a couple of degress. Cheers.

01. Controller.Controller - Magnetic Strip
02. Young And Restless - Dirty
03. Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking
04. 50 Foot Wave - Long Painting
05. Lauren K. Newman - Hope/Fiction

image: Rustic Relics Designs


All tomorrow's parties

It was one of those last nights of spring. Birds spilled out their warbling canticles, and humans, having answered their various calls of duty, were bathing in the sanctity of fatigue. Everything was working out its destiny: trees, planets, sharks. All except the Creator! He was stretched out on the highway, his clothing thorn. His lower lip hung down like a soporific cable. His teeth were unbrushed, and dust clogged the white waves of his hair. Numbed by a torpid drowsiness, crushed against the peebles, his body was making futile efforts to get up again. Gouts of wine swamped the ruts trenched by his shoulders' nervous twitches... He was drunk! Dreadfully drunk! Tight as a tick which has guzzled three tuns of blood in the night! He filled the echoes with garbled comments I will desist from repeating here; even if the Supreme Drunkard has no self-respect, I must respect mankind. You'll see, not only was the Supreme Creator, drunk, he just came from an ecstasy-fuelled rave party out of some european city where it felt like clubs and bedrooms were trying to approach the savage hedonism of a third (or is it fourth?) summer of love. The Mind overstimulated to its very core retreats like one defeated, and every once in a lifetime may well fall into the aberrations I have witnessed. It pains me to say it but this is not, nor will it be the last time we observe the Creator ensign of vice, as less than two centuries ago (around 1869) , my dear Maldoror had witnessed something utterly similar to the events described above, but where he followed, I silently stared (and danced).

Gabriel Ananda - ihre personliche glucksmelodie
John Tejada - the end of it all
Rekid - retro active
Shyza Minelli - shyza all night long
Aphex Twin - windowlicker (acid edit)
Adam Sky - ape x
Thomas Bangalter - outrun
Patrick Chardronett - eve by day
Paul Kalkbrenner - dockyard

Image: record sleeves by Sputtnik

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague, versiones muy sexys ;)

Nouvelle Vague - I just can't get enought (original de depeche mode)
Nouvelle Vague - Too drunk to fuck (original de dead kennedy's)
Nouvelle Vague - This is not a love song (original de p.i.l.)
Nouvelle Vague - Teenage kids (original de the undertones)

La imagen del post es de mi última serie de autorretratos "múltiple de 1" ;)



Esta semana pensaba hablar de Italy, pero resulta que me he dado cuenta que me tengo que integrar mas in the motel of Moka. Asi que como este blog is bilingüe, today toca canciones bilingües.

Emopezamos con el king del trilingüismo. Kevin Johansen nos canta la misma letra en castellano y después in inglish.
La Falla de San Andrés

El extremeño Gecko Turner putea a los responsables del turismo del Peru en...
Pal Perú

Buika nos habla del amor en Love

La Fundación Toni Manero nos inician al Espanglis en
Do it nada

Pero el que no hace nada porque está So lazy es Kevin Johansen

Y por último os dejo con esta joya friki de Magazine 60 - don quichotte


Sunday Evening. (Veni Sancte Spiritus)

Langt í burt vakir veröl stór
Grimmum töfrum tryllt
Eir arlaus óttast nótt og dag
Augu ín óttalaus og hrein brosa vi mér björt
Vonin mín, blessa brosi Þitt
Vekur ijó úr vær
Hvílist jör hljó í örmum snæs
Liljuhvít lokar augum blám litla stúlkan mín
- Björk, Vökuró (en)

Veni, Sancte Spiritus

Veni, Sancte Spiritus,
et emitte caelitus
lucis tuae radium.
Da virtutis meritum,
da salutis exitum,
da perenne gaudium,
Amen, Alleluia.
-Veni, Sancte Spiritus from Mass for Pentecost.

01. J.S. Bach - Sarabande (French suite No.1 in d minor)
02. Björk -Vökuró
03. Arvo Pärt - Veni Sancte Spiritus

note: A small list for Sunday evening, an end of week closing note. It's mostly modern minimalist works to balance out this week's gigantic and dark playlists. In it: Vökuró, Bjork's interpretation of a lullaby written by icelandic composer Jorunn Vidar, Veni Sancte Spiritus Arvo Pärt's Berliner Masse and Glenn Gould interpretation of Bach's work.

image credit: crabtreecharles


// Pendular -- I am led by a fickle heart.

been away/not much
been off/attending elses
has anything changed?
o si algo
sí ha cambiado
heme aquí
desclavado del loophole
(i fell through)
me disculpo si es así
me disculpo...

la distancia
me sedujo
otra vez.

y ¿dónde andaba?

Joan As Police Woman, Real Life.
Maga (con Andrea Echeverri), El Cristal Por Dentro.
Stone Jack Jones, Hey Love.
Tunng, Sweet William.
Nicolai Dunger, Someone New.
Xiu Xiu, Watermelon Vs. The Pineapple.
Metallic Falcons (feat. Antony), Nighttime & Morning.
El Columpio Asesino, La Zorra.
Lansing-Dreiden, Dividing Island.

Arte: Half Empty by Nadeem Chughtai.


10 minute grindcore freak out

01 captain cleanoff_he
02 demisor_malicious malification
03 charles bronson_rich crusties shall pay
04 ncc_quantum transport in optical lattices
05 pig destroyer_contagion skrl
06 whore_man-ipulated
07 excrementory grindfckers_sozialprodukt
08 agoraphobic nosebleed_thawing out
09 jig-ai_adventure on the boat
10 anal blast_staple your puss
11 discordance axis_a crack in the cataracts
12 brutal truth_blockhead
13 mukeka di rato_videoke death grind
14 eighim_mayte arqué
15 progeriac_enemies
16 genital grinder_t de merde dans ta chatte
17 ouille ouille_rotten vomit
18 total fcking destruction_boxcutter
19 ulcerrhoea_cast me out
20 insult_time does not heal
21 asterisk_28
22 spazz_uniform
23 educated scum_technical progress
24 last days of humanity_erosed intestinal purulency
25 mincer_carved face fashion
26 lymphatic phlegm_post-mortem analysis of the inferior vena cava on a pneumo-embolus affected cadaver
27 irf_lethal radioactive fallout
28 napalm death_dead

pic: napalm death, founders of grindcore


Martirio, una diva contemporánea.

Martirio - Ojos verdes

Martirio - Tatuaje

Martirio - No me digas que no

Martirio - Si me pudieras querer

Martirio - No te mires en el río

Summer List No.2b

Summer! So what happens? One day hip-hop was a cultural force that changes popular music and political awareness of a country, the next is fucking BET fillers between late nite commercials. Hip-hop was daring, it was the music for the underdog, now it's a get rich quick scheme for TV execs. It was beat for everybody who has nothing, not even music education, and those who takes it upon themselves to create music from whatever tools can be found. Turn table. Casette players. An MC with his mic and a DJ with his turntable make a music. They move crowds, tell stories, console the underclass, and speak truth to power. But now all we got is bling-bling talk and cultural pastiche, 'american idol'. The difference between a real hip-hop piece and a bad one is like Le Corbu building to a trailer park pre-fab, same concept but a gulf of final aesthetic manifestation, not to mention social effect. So here is a summer salute to hip-hop classics and a small sketch where it comes from, soul, jazz, beat. Things like Public Enemy, Run DMC, etc. MdM style, list that bites, smoothly. (Plus I am feeding my last.fm profile with the classics, so it can start scanning the database for me.)

I never did represent doing dumb shit
Some gangsta lying - I'd rather diss Presidents
Dead or alive, bring em and I'll swing em
I vocalize, I just rap, I don't sing em
Flick em, and I fling em, you can go with em
Hall of Fame for the game for the points I Dave Bing em
Go Grandmama, close but no cigar
I got mine, for I'm using my rhyme
The flow go wherever I want, and that's clever
Give a piece of my time, to prevent some crime
And who behind puttin the guns to the young ones
The ones that make em is the ones that take em
Rugged for no reason, down in duck season
I don't want my mama, on the street wearing armor
So check yaself before ya wreck yaself
Respect yaself, hah, you got ta give it up

Give it up Yo!

- Chuck D

07. Public Enemy - Give It Up
08. Nelly Furtado - Turn Out the Lights
09. The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself
10. United Future Organization - Poetry and All That Jazz
11. Lucious Jackson - Take A Ride
12. My Bloody Valentine Meets Skylab - Incidental Peace

note: No.2b is a late daytime list. Start with P.E and ends with skylab remix (from offbeat CD). This to mash with shoegazer theme of the week.
image credit: bitmapr