The beat is up!

Hopefully where you are, the grey is starting to break, the skies are opening up, and the flowers are blooming. These songs should get your cold, dead pulse going. Get your feet moving! Snort some of nature's cocaine, good old fashioned pollen! Goodbye, March! Hello picnics!

Bobby Conn - Winners
Ghosts and Vodka - Cowboys and Sailors
Phoenix - Long Distance Call
The Zombies - Time of the Season (Alt. mix) (the drums over the chorus rule on this one!)
The Aluminum Group - Two Lights

// Das Beat - - - zukunft/gegenwart popmusik

einige morgenlieder.
einige overlooked technopop.
einige underappreciated gems.
einige neu tunes.
einige spinoff projects.
einige minuten of bliss.
jetz mein kopf ist eine strasse.
ich denke motorways.

Roman, Saving Juno.
Ms. John Soda, Outlined View.
Barbara Morgenstern, The Operator.
Ellen Allien & Apparat, Way Out.
Console, 14 Zero Zero.
Sylvie Marks & HAL9000, Baby, I'm Electric.
Schneider TM, Cataractact.
Donna Regina, Lazy Heart.
Bergheim 34, Random Access Memory.

Arte: Ellen Allien by Steffi + Steffi.


so long march

01 chris clark_herr bar
02 tuung_tale from black
03 the aluminum group_if you've got a lover (slicker rmx)
04 matinee orchestra_run for cover (it's going to rain)
05 DACM_patty
06 boxcutter_bad you do (halfstep)
07 aphilas_the dubbed coil of smoke
08 acustic_tsp

Bolan Muppets

I wasn't expecting that the normally bleak and brooding Constellation label (home of bands like godspeed you black emperor!, do make say think and fly pan am) would release a very enjoyable spring soundtrack with its cover art drenched in pink and yellow tones. But they did. And I couldn't be happier.
Glissandro 70 is a project involving Craig Dunsmuir from Guitarkestra and Sando Perri from Polmo Polpo. Both enjoyable and experimental the disc plays most of the time with 5 or 6 second loops and it works by simply adding rich layers of sound into their mix.
Bolan Muppets is my favorite track from the record, starting with a delayed guitar very reminiscent of The Edge's (U2) signature playing and then adding layers and layers of instrumentation that includes some vocals which remind me of Animal Collective's tribalistic "sung tongs" before it transforms into a more standard pop song at the 4:30 mark. Quite something.

Glissandro 70 - something
Glissandro 70 - bolan muppets

Viva Voce are yet another one of those husband/wife bands that have been around the scene for a while now and create some really interesting pop music. They've recently signed with Barsuk and judging by the few songs I've heard they have a really bright future from here. I particullary love "alive with pleasure", such a sucker for the claps and the oohs.

Viva voce - lesson no. 1
Viva voce - alive with pleasure

Recently Squashed pushed me to listen to this certain band called "Fuck-off Machete" and I'm really glad he did. Where the rough edges of the Yeah yeah yeah's sound went, Fuck-off Machete takes it and makes it even rougher. Really nice. (thanks squashed)

Fuck-off machete - copper and lead flight
Fuck-off machete - what's the signal?

Image by Cassandra Christensen.


Paavoharju - Tuote-akatemia / Unien Savonlinna EP

Paavoharju's precise combination of broken chords, acoustic guitars, spiritual choral vocals and digital filters will always leave me in ceaseless wonder - in search of lost time. Describing their music is very hard, I use the term "music" loosely because they dont create music. They create memory archives. Understanding it requires living. It requires a listening pattern. Dazzling in wonder before the immense splendour of the world in front of your eyes-

It has been merely 7 months since they released one of the most beautiful and inspiring debuts I've ever heard: Yha Hamaraa, (out on the finnish fonal label) and now they're back with a new Ep which is completely free and available through archive.org. Of course, Tuote-akatemia/Unien Savonlinna isn't as impressive as Yha Hamaraa but it's more good music from a group I admire and I for one am glad they've released new material so soon and completely free. Plus, it makes the wait until the next full-length a little easier to bear.

Paavoharju - pepe
Paavoharju - tavataan 12-7-2004

*Songs from Yha Hamaraa:
Paavoharju - Valo Tikhu Kaiken Lapi
Paavoharju - Kuu lohduta huolestuneita

Download the entire ep for free in here.
visit Paavoharju web
visit Miasmah web


// Recover -- - borrowed whispers.

que rendir tributo a
quien tributo merece
que reinventar lo inventado
que recuperar a vida nueva.

vamos a jugar a que
nos pertenecen.

i stole your words
intook your breath
and blew out all
the samesense
in my own and lesser way...

this is the only
way to
love you.

juego con tus palabras
tus alientos y razones
me escudo en ti
para exponerme.

alimentate de & spread the gospel.

Migala, Plainsong, (The Cure).
Elbow, Teardrop, (Massive Attack).
Suede, Shipbuilding, (Elvis Costello).
Tram, Once I Was, (Tim Buckley).
Sinéad O'Connor, All Apologies, (Nirvana).
Bobby Birdman, Unravel, (Björk).
Cat Power, Red Apples, (Smog).
My Bloody Valentine, We Have All The Time In The World, (Louis Armstrong).

Arte: Recollection Harvest by Djam Karet from the best album covers of 2005 at Tiny Mixtapes.

The tuning of miniature modems

A springtime blush of nursery rhymes:

Text Adventure - delfino plaza
Bacanal Intruder - peladilla
Cepia - hoarse
Miwon - khao sok
Toy - sedan through tunnel
Glim - Sloth
Kazumasa hashimoto - monochrome prome
World's end girlfriend - cemetery song
Múm - there is a number of small things
Takuma Itoi - trans-
Zegunder - esperanta

Image by Filippo Aldovini.


no sense in lovin' [canciones pre-tristes]

björk - sonnet / unrealities ix
based on the poem it may not always be so; and i say by e.e.cummings

it may not always be so;and i say
that if your lips,which i have loved,should touch
another's,and your dear strong fingers clutch
his heart,as mine in time not far away;
if on another's face your sweet hair lay
in such a silence as i know,or such
great writhing words as,uttering overmuch,
stand helplessly before the spirit at bay;

if this should be,i say if this should be-
you of my heart,send me a little word;
that i may go unto him,and take his hands,
saying,Accept all happiness from me.
Then shall i turn my face,and hear one bird
sing terribly afar in the lost lands.

+plus algunas canciones pre-tristes

aimee mann - the moth
bob dylan - it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding)
pink floyd - one slip
uncle tupelo - no sense in lovin'
lucybell - cuando respiro en tu boca
grandaddy - the warming sun
low skies - is it true
the elected - sun, sun, sun
mogwai - i know you are but what am i?

Pa ya

Dos grupos de raíces entremezcladas, fusión y buen directo.

Muchachito y su banda es uno de los grupos con más "arte" de por aquí; por sus directo ilustrados, su ritmo y espontanedad se merecen mi más sincera sonrisa ;)

Muchacito - Cógelo
Muchachito - Será mejor
Muchachito - Siempre que quiera

Macaco, mezcla, percusión y fusión.

Macaco - Brújula pa ya
Macaco - Burbuja roja


La Del Ruso - Ai No Bakudan

The El Pais list. Last week El Pais made a small note about MdM uniqueness and originality, in which what this list is about. As the only playlist blog on the scene so far, I think I will post this question to everybody out there as an exploration. What makes a playlist a good playlist? Of course there are basic elements such as beat, rythm, keys, styles, recording quality, etc that usually follow certain transition rules to prevent clashing. But beyond that, what is it? What makes a playlist a list deeply satisfying to listen to instead of mildly amusing? What's a "unique" list?

I tag a small list as a conversation starter. This is a typical list I like to built. (Downtempo/electronica with catchy opening, no more than two styles in a list (tango/idm), minor keys, the tempo doesn't change much, it has some traditional instruments mixed with synthetics, recent IDM works, mix between bigger name and newer less known artists and lyrics that make certain thematic sense. The mood ends in soft chill leaving impression of 'good mood')

01. Gotan Project - La Del Ruso
02. Sporto Kantes - Mundo
03. Four Tet - Sun Drums and Soil
04. Screech (UK) - Ai No Bakudan Remix
05. Thievery Corporation - Marching The Hate Machines

image credit: MontanaRaven

RIP Onassis

Well, first it was my headphones. Today my brother "accidentally" erased my folder labeled as "Onassis" were I kept most of the mp3's in my computer. A really bad week for my music collection. Came here to mourn and to do a little notes on our sidebar updates. Still undergoing some changes but I've added this week more links to highly recommended sites worth bookmarking, take a peek:

Little Radio - little radio keeps track of the most relevant posts of several mp3 blogs around the world. If you're too busy to visit most of the mp3 blogs out there I'd recommend you to visit little radio, really does the job a lot easier.

The ghost in the machine - A nice surprise this week. Ghost makes some of the most interesting podcasts I've heard. Amazing selections.

Mars needs guitars - Shoegaze fans go here, Now!

I'm also using my spare time to endorse some of the most exciting movies I've seen and because I know how much you like reading other people's lists. I'm not rating them from the highest to the lowest because I love them all in a same degree. Needless to say, if you have the chance to see them, I strongly suggest you do so. I'll also buy them from you if you've got no soul and think they're extremely pretentious and boring movies (tip: mail me if you'd like to sell!):

  • Sunrise (Murnau, 1928)
  • Amelie (Jeunet, 2001)
  • 10 (Kiarostami, 2002)
  • Ai no Corrida (Oshima, 1976)
  • Sawdust and Tinsel (Bergman, 1953)
  • Lost Highway (Lynch, 1997)
  • The adventure (Antonioni, 1960)
  • Lancelot (Bresson, 1974)
  • Romance (Breillat, 2000)

And finally, for those in need of music, one of the few mp3's that survived the deleting massacre, enjoy:

Harry Nilsson - are you sleeping

*This post has been edited.
Image by Tra Selhtrow.


Crutch dance

Tal vez, si consigo unas muletas, entonces podría escaparme de aquí...

Gnarls Barkley - crazy
Jimmy Edgar - my beatz
Papas fritas - way you walk
Klapto - queen of the night
Etienne Daho - le grand sommeil (sweetlight remix)
Bran Van 3000 - astounded (feat. Curtis Mayfield)
Erlend Oye - if I ever feel better
Chelonis R Jones - na na na
Hot Chip - down with prince
Eliot Lip - rap tight

Kudos to jk for helping me through my static weekend.
Image: Adrian Johnson.


c. Dream in Bright Luminous Orange

Sometimes a blog post is so dangerously self indulgence it should be banned. This is like that. It will forever redefine the color of luminous orange as a group of high power shoegazer guitar fuzz and throat screaming. This is the third list in dream series.

The Beta Sweat - Save the Mazurka for Me
The Noisettes - Don't Give Up
Rogers Sisters - Zero Point
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star
Luminous Orange - Drop You Vivid Colours
Bowery Electric - Freedom Fighter
Deerhoof - This Magnificent Bird will Rise

image credit: linny

// Qool Girls -- - cooler than thou

The hilariously talented Leslie & The Lys
by Erin Caruso.

from Brazil to Sweden
cool girls are easy to find
yet hard to get.

sweet tease.

Cansei de Ser Sexy, Alala. (Brazil)
Villeneuve, Oh No. (France)
Kudu, Magic Touch. (USA)
Zeigeist, F as in Knife. (Sweden) (thanks to papat)
Nina Hagen, New York, New York. (Germany)
Uffie, 1984. (France)
Fox N' Wolf, Youth Alcoholic. (Sweden)
Javiera Mena, Mi Generación. (Chile)
Maria Daniela & su Sonido Lasser, Miedo 2005. (Mexico)
Jenny Wilson, A Brief Story. (Sweden)



Everytime I listen to shoegaze millions of scared hippies always come to mind.
Amelie counted orgasms. I count the number of bad trips in woodstock, had bands like Loop and My bloody valentine been present at the time.

Although I wasn't listening to the sounds around me while growing up in the 90's, I later (when I was about 16) rediscovered amazing shoegazer albums like Slowdive's "slouvaki", Spiritualized's "ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space" and of course, My bloody valentine's "loveless" that cracked my head open. So whilst most of the people in my generation were listening to grunge and that alternative genre later baptized as "nu-rock", I was in my room shoegazing and listening to Radiohead and 60's and 70's rock bands. I still think very fondly of those times...
You'll see while "OK Computer" is the record that started me buying and paying more attention to music, records like "Souvlaki" and "Ladies And Gentlemen..." are the ones that contain the outlines of a depressively large proportion of the music I enjoy today, reason I treasure them as one of the most important records in my collection.

Note: The songs in the playlist are organized by their original release date.

My bloody valentine - strawberry wine (1989)
Ride - dreams burn down (1990)
Kitchens of Distinction - under the sky, inside the sea (1991)
My bloody Valentine - soon (1991)
Slowdive - machine gun (1993)
Swervedriver - duel (1994)
Medicine - all good things (1995)
Chapterhouse - mesmerize (1996)
Spiritualized - broken heart (1997)
Should - sarah missing (1998)
The meeting places - see through you (2003)
Destroyalldreamers - destroy all dreamers (2004)
Readymade - rehearsed disaster (2005)
Silver Screen - all I have (2005)
The fleeting joys - go and come back (2006)
Astrobrite - miss teen USA (2006)

Also check: This post about Loop and this Jesus and Mary Chain post that makrugaik wrote last week and Carl Kruger's mixtape memories.
Image credit: ofthesky

// Waving Horses - - - el deshielo.

es el fin del invierno. el frío adiós.
yeguas que se alejan, arrastrando las riendas.
se desvanecen como escarcha sobre el lodo.
en el halo cálido del sol que remueve las entrañas.

Smog, I Break Horses.
Sparklehorse, Gasoline Horseys (Live).
The Sundays, Wild Horses.
Mogwai, I Chose Horses.
PJ Harvey, Horses In My Dreams.
Mary Timony, 14 Horses.
The Divine Comedy, The Dogs & The Horses.
Goldfrapp, Horse Tears.

"horses in my dreams, like waves, like the sea
they pull out of here, they pull, they are free...

i have pulled myself clear."

Picture and needed help: Equus Sanctuary.



Canciones que canto mientras conduzco :)

La lupe - fever

Amaral - Moriría por vos

Nosotrash - Polilla

Bunbury - Contradictorio

Javier Álvarez - Piel de pantera

Bebe - Men señará

mix tape memories /1

side a
a01 adorable_sunshine smile
a02 teenage fanclub_god knows it's true
a03 suede_my insatiable one
a04 the telescopes_flying
a05 ride_like a daydream
a06 chapterhouse_my precious one
a07 catherine wheel_texture
a08 oasis_fade away
a09 sonic youth_dirty boots
a10 the verve_a man called sun

side b
b01 the boo radleys_does this hurt?
b02 curve_ten little girls
b03 eat_shame
b04 the charlatans_white shirt
b05 the smiths_handsome devil
b06 the frank and walters_happy busman
b07 field mice_if you need someone
b08 rem_fall on me
b09 stone roses_(song for my)sugar spun sister
b10 the cure_this twilight garden
b11 morrissey_angel, angel, down we go together
b12 pale saints_sight of you

Our sundays in bed pt. II

Jens Lekman - rocky dennis farewell song to the blind girl
Kuryakin - a parade
The helio sequence - looks good (but you've looked away)
Dub Tractor - faster
Minimum Chips - hong kong
Acid House Kings - tonight is forever

Image by: Audrey Kawasaki


b. Out of the Dream Time

... conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer ("lucid") experience and usually enabling direct control over the content of the dream. Context — The place or situation in the dream is strange. - Wiki (Lucid dreaming)

"People often ask me if I have any words of advice for young people. ... If you're doing business with a religious son-of-a-bitch,Get it in writing.His word isn't worth shit. Now some of you may encounter the Devil's Bargain, If you get that far.Any old soul is worth saving, At least to a priest,But not every soul is worth buying.So you can take the offer as a compliment. He tries the easy ones first.You know like money,All the money there is.But who wants to be the richest guy in some cemetary? Money won't buy. Not much left to spend it on, eh gramps? Getting too old to cut the mustard." -William S. Burroughs-

A short list, second in a series trying to capture dream, images of dream, the idea of dream and music. In this list, a collage of lucid images with odd context, hold together by some unexplained unifying idea. Out of the dream time.

Bill Frisell - Under a Golden Sky (rp)
Material - Out of the Dream Time
Material - Words of Advice
Björk - Odd Duck
Gaudi - Chaine A Chaine
Thievery Corporation - Until the Morning (rp)

image credit: Hugo (looking for his pink elephant)


nobody does it better [cover songs]

ajiro honte by ryoku azuma
@ rapeme.org
[mature content warning]
yo la tengo – somebody’s baby
phantom planet – somebody’s baby
dos covers de un hit ochentero de jackson browne. el de yo la tengo viene en genius+love=yolatengo [1996] y es quizá una de mis canciones favoritas ever. no tengo idea de por qué. el de phantom planeta esta todo popsy y para ponerse a rockear como adolescente. por ahí salió un tercer cover rarito en el soundtrack de good will hunting.

eels – living life
cover de daniel johnston para el chingón doble álbum the late great daniel johnston: discovered/covered [2004], donde se le rendía tributo al syd barrett de nuestras décadas. la mitad del álbum es de bandas de la talla de beck, flaming lips, bright eyes, readaptando las rolas de johnston, y la otra mitad son las versiones originales. super sweet la que les dejo de eels.

arab strap - you shook me all night long (live)
cover de ac/dc. esta versión en vivo (que a mi gusto es mejor que la versión de estudio en the shy retirer ep) presenta un arreglo nostálgico de violines. peca de ser muy corta y de ser una canción muy “viva” para ser de arab strap, haha.

sparkle me by ryoku azuma
@ rapeme.org
[mature content warning]
uncle kracker – drift away
the rolling stones – drift away
roy orbison, steppenwolf, michael bolton, tina turner. una de las canciones más fastidiosamente covereadas de todos los tiempos. me gusta mucho la versión de uncle kracker, que se escuchaba mucho en el radio por allá del 2002. acerca de la de rolling stones: esta etiquetada como rolling stones and the beatles, pero la verdad es que esta cabrón asegurarlo. piensen lo que quieran; la rola está agradable.

radiohead – nobody does it better (live)
aimee mann – nobody does it better
la original es una rola de carly simon hecha para una película de james bond. radiohead tiene pocos covers y quizá este es el más coqueto de todos. y bueno, de aimee mann, sale del proyecto shaken & stirred: the david arnold james bond project [1997] donde también hay rolas de pulp e iggy pop.

// Cardio . .- -. 45-min w/o session.

cardio -- como me gusta esta palabra.

de regreso a la rutina. al gym. voy por dos razones. una es exercising. sweet sweaty workout sessions. i do cardio por hora & 1/2. upsendowns / crestas y valles. disfruto el movimiento basado en el electrodroning que fluye de los audifonos. rutina habitual, yo lucho por fitness, the cross i bear - el sobrepeso es un lastre familiar.

45 minutos de electrorolas midtempo
para sudar la gorda / to sweat the fat one.

VHS Or Beta, You Got Me (The Juan Maclean Remix).
Mash, Somebody's Property (Zones Mix).
Francisco, Hero.
Parker Frisby, Weil Ich In Einer Stadt Aufwache Die Niemals Schlape.
Harlem, Game/Watch.
Ellen Allien, Magma (The MFA Remix).
Test Icicles, What's Your Damage (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix).

Arte: Company by Christine Bourdette.

I was young and I needed the dub

Mantras de autoayuda sobre como bostezar.

Easy star all-stars - the great gig in the sky
Ladyman - lady dem crazy
Massive Attack - spying glass
Once11 - 99 percent sure
Bill Laswell - is this love
Marko Furstenberg - rizzla dub

La fotografía que acompaña al post fue tomada en alguna parte de San Francisco por Moebius Rex.

Nota al staff que habla español: Al fin podemos usar acentos y "ñ"s sin que aparezcan símbolos raros en el blog.


Dancing Queer

"Quiero ser santa. Quiero ser canonizada. Azotada y flagelada. Levitar por las mananas. Y en el cuerpo tener llagas. Quiero estar acongojada. Alucinada y extasiada."

Alaska y Dinarama - Quiero ser santa

Alaska y Dinarama - A quien le importa

Amanda Lear - Follow me

Boys Town Gang -Can't take my eyes off you

Sin With Sebastian - Shut up (and sleep with me)

Te image is from "Pierre et Gilles"


boc in the day

01 casino vs japan_come along do
02 tycho_pbs/kae
03 boulderdash_headless in a topless bar
04 i'm not a gun_make sense + loose (schnauss rmx)
05 lucky & easy_scrotum ear lobe
06 string theory_honey-top
07 helios_bounce dive
08 parallax_thrum
09 freescha_feel back
10 isan_quink like ink
11 phasmid_the offshoots of jupiter
12 christ_pylonesque

Proposal for a soundtrack to a suicide #5

"And it shall be as when a hungry man dreameth, and, behold, he eateth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty" (isaiah 29:8)

Departure Hymns:

Max Richter - on the nature of daylight
Brian McBride - overture (for other halfs)
Christian Wallumrod Ensemble - Eliasong
Oliver Messiaen - louange a l' eternite de Jesus
Henryk Gorecki - Symphony #3, II. Lento e largo - tranquillissimo

Death Muses:

Lhasa de Sela - de cara a la pared
Carla Kihlstedt - last resort
Trespassers William - I know
Devics - come up
The poppy family - beyond the clouds

Bonus Serotonin:

Matt Elliott - the mess we made
Low - Amazing grace
Perry Blake - this time it's goodbye
Brian Eno - by this river
...Bender - trouble is

Songs playing on the stereo when they found your body:

Pelican - untitled (from australasia album)
William Basinski - untitled 9 (from melancholia album)
Bill Frisell - under a golden sky
Sweek - iki
Alejandra & Aeron - learning from mistakes, good (not fun)

Song playing at the funeral:

New Baudeville Band - winchester cathedral

To the loving memory of Martha.
Also check: Proposal for a soundtrack to a suicide #8
Image by Antoni Tapies.

SXSW 2006. pt.2

Second part of 2006 SXSW edition. I personally like the tracks below, very mysterious and seductive but still accessible. They are the gems I found in the piles of sample tracks. The flavors: psychedelia (P.u.M.a.J.a.W., ), rock (The Sundresses, Asobi Seksu, Sistas In The Pit), and soulfull ballad (Ane Brun). I hope you like them.

P.u.M.a.J.a.W. - Gooseberry Eye (79)
The Sundresses - The Love Song (79)
Asobi Seksu - I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me (75)
Sistas In The Pit - Breathe (85)
Ane Brun - My lover will go

image credit: Suzanna


That "L" word

I'll give you anything you want, but you'll have to ask.
In the kitchen, in the shower and in the back seat of my car.
I'll hold you up and drive you 'till you feel the daylight.

Melissa Ferrick - drive
The Raincoats - lola
Mr. Airplane Man - commit a crime
Yeah yeah yeahs - phenomena
The Gossip - on the prowl
Joy Zipper - go tell the world

Image: Grafuck.
Dedicated to our fans over at xxxchurch, 'cause I know how they like it. Also would like to send a kiss to my sexy cat, who's been rather distant lately.


organic romantic

01 thomas stronen_lavoisier
02 gavouna_three
03 mice parade_nights wave (radio edit)
04 the clogs_5/4
05 tstewart_jess
06 guitar_sakura
07 dub tractor_faster
08 kim hiorthy_
09 ekkhard ehlers_plays cornlius cardew 1
10 alog_a pair of ravens

Our sundays in bed

The songs on our stereo:

Cake on cake - lonely song
Montys Loco - no halos
Back in Judy's Shack - burning cold
Lashing Patsy - Judas
Andreas Mattson - you're never lonely when the band plays

Image: back in judy's shack.


Cuatro canciones llenas de emociones, buen rollo y calidad musical ;)

Bela Fleck & the fleckstones - A moment so close.mp3
Spocks Beard - Wind at my Back.mp3
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - My friend.mp3
Ben Keller & Adam Green - Kokomo.mp3

The image is from flickr "Hamster" de K.Akagami


// Ojiverde - : - Marygilda

my eldest sister passed away yesterday. after a long weakening battle against cancer. a brain tumor had its way. i havent missed her yet. ive shed some tears but i still dont get it. i guess it will hit me some time i long for her warm soft embracing smile. im mourning through an aching yet sweet peaceful haze.

mija esto es para ti.

Hibrido, ay de mi (que te perdi).
Gepe, torremolinos.
Steindor Andersen & Sigur Ros, a ferd til breidafjardar.
Sinead O'Connor, tiny grief song.
Kate Bush, a coral room.
Refree, mejor ahora.
Damon & Naomi with Ghost, the mirror phase.

todavia no la extranio. todavia no siento el 20.
es como llegar a casa y todos los muebles han sido cambiados de lugar.

mi hermana mayor fallecio ayer.
tras luchas y tumores. respiradores e unciones.
intento rendirle tributo. se lo merece. ella mas que nadie.
mil virtudes calidas no bastarian para describirla.
no lo digo yo.
lo expresan cientos de flores que
siguen brotando de todas partes - de todas gentes.

por ella -
hoy la ciudad huele a rosas.

no one's gonna take you away.. [songs for the dead]

antony - i fell in love with a dead boy
[version for the wild side ost, by jocelyn pook]

I fell in love with you
Now you're my one, only
'Cause all my life I've been so blue
But in that moment you fulfilled me

Now I'll tell all my friends
I fell in love with a dead boy
Now I'll tell my family
I wish you could have met him

Now I write letters to Australia
Now I throw bottles out to sea
I whisper the secret in the ground
No one's gonna take you away from me

+plus some songs for the dead:

bjork - play dead
drive-by truckers - the day john henry died
okkervil river - dead dog song
the coma lilies - dead friends
the pixies - dead
zoe - dead [bengalamix]
calla - play dead
coheed and cambria - once upon your dead body
patti smith - dead city

+issa watched the rain; it settled in. and disappeared for days again.
[post inspirado /000]

We need a resolution.

Hey Kiddies....
After my usual couple of weeks absence, I'm back with a little something for your Friday morning. I put together a lil' 20 minute mini mix for you guys, and I hope you like it. The themes for this mix are: repetition, slow drift, and tape noise. (They are best played in order).

(artist)-(album) (label)
F.S. Blumm - Ankern (morr music)
Nick Butcher - Minutes Overlap (Placetapes)
The Focus Group - You Do Not See Me (Ghost Box)
Nacht Plank - Vire (Lampse)
Alog - Travel Lighter (Melektronikk)
Pierre Bastien - Tut (Rephlex)

(full disclosure: the Nick Butcher song is from a release on my side label, Placetapes!)


In addition, I'm one step closer to finishing up mi casa so I can sell it and move. I got up early today and painted my brains out and finished all of the main walls. Check out pictures of my new crib in Colorado, HERE!

A bonus painting song: Calexico - Painted Over
Have a great weekend!



Cinco canciones totalmente distintas entre si con el hilo conductor de una sonrisa :D
Carmel - Sally.mp3
Louis Amstrong - Hello Dolly.mp3
Tony Bennet-The best is yet to come.mp3
Nina Simone -My baby just cares for me.mp3
Michael Buble - Save the last dance for me.mp3

The image is a self-portrait


progg, my best friend, tog dellik yb em

whoa, it's been along time since i've done this, but i felt the urge so...
forgive me if you've heard about these too much already, i'm a little out of touch with the net world these days, cept' for myspace (our station mananger told us to make a myspace for our show so i had to do that, it is sort of a neat thing actually, i just asked joe bussard to be me and oum's friend, how cool, huh..?) . but anyways what did i bring today? first some tracks from the latest ...not a four letter word comp's on prog rock. I have the folk one of these (which i like) and Prog is not a Four Letter Word is qualtiy too. People like prog music for many different and sometimes opposing reasons. I like poppy prog so that is what i picked to share but i know others who like different tracks much better. some prog heads might think i do this comp injustice, but i hope not!
Illes-Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz
Martin Kratochvil's Jazz Q- Toledo

next up is a record called I Killed My Best Friend by Le Volume Courbe. I thought of this blog when i heard this record last week. I guess similar type music is posted here often or atleast i imagine such. But i enjoy this little eerie but very likeable pop minatures on this record, she fleshes out other songs more but i don't like those as much. These are far more mystery. (the liner notes say kevin sheilds does some mixing and guitars, is it me or is he really busy these days?) ...ugg...all music tellsme now this is under or on astralwerks..i'm thinking twice but i suppose i'll still post and just feel bad about it. sigh, it's still good music.

Le Volume Courbe- Papillon De Nuit
Le Volume Courbe- I Killed My Best Friend
Le Volume Courbe- The Mind Is a Horse

lastly an oddity, for me at least, well we randomly got this record in the mail from japan, we were pleased enough at that but then we opened it and it was a band called Bathtub Shitter. Wow, you can imagine how excited we were about that. It is very silly metal punk or something it needs to be a little bit more ridiculous for me to really endorse it but we were just so pleased by the whole thing i felt i could post some tracks. the second song appears to be completely in reverse, which is how it appears on the record, but their music is almost more interesting that way. Fun but, moka, you might hate this.

Bathtub Shitter-Skate of Bulgaria
Bathtub Shitter- stihs latem

okay, asked oum if she wanted to add she said maybe later , so look for her to post later this week maybe.


this image is a detail of a Crish and Oum collab painty dootle

SXSW 2006. pt.1

This is a preview tracks from performing bands at SXSW 2006 that starts this weekend. Since there are 9000+ bands in the festivals, it's probably a good idea to have the more interesting bands that fit MdM style (warmer more atmospheric pieces). This list is primarily from experimental/avant garde and night rock SXSW section, it is smaller list from more elaborate lists. (you can trace number to larger more elaborate lists if you want, or go directly to SXSW master lists.) Enjoy.

Fires Were Shot - subslumber (68)
Talkdemonic - Mountain (68)
Vague Angels - The Princess and the Newt (68)
Daedelus - Just Briefly (70)
Zenzile - simple lesson (edit) (70)
Pilotdrift - Bubblecraft (68)
Decoder Ring - Fractions (70)
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Long Walk (75)
New London Fire - Different (75)
+/- {plus/minus} - I've Been Lost (75)
Sia - Breathe Me (75)

image credits : Suzanna

Songs in Fish

(Second guest post by my good friend, Deadfishy. She loves fishes)
Hello, my name is Fishy and I am a fishaholic... I have been approched by a number a people now, asking me, why fish? Well, honestly I have no idea myself but all I know is that I LIKE FISH, I like fishes in songs, I like big fish, baby fish, short fish, tall fish, French fish, plastic fish, fish in the water, fish on my plate... I LIKE FISH!
So, it was only obvious that I post, with permission from my dear friend Moka of course, songs that enhance my obsession.
Frank Sinatra, PJ Harvey, Mr. Scruff, Squarepusher, Emiliana Torrini bring to you, Songs in Fish. Personally, my favorite song in this small compilation is Fish by one of the masters of Ninja Tunes, Mr. Scruff.
I can only hope that you will enjoy these songs as much as I do...

Mr. Scruff - fish
Squarepusher - big loada tequila fish
Pj Harvey - down by the water
Frank Sinatra - swinging on a star
Emiliana Torrini - tuna fish

Photograph by Jeff Mitchell.


// Wide.eyed - -- energipop en tu idioma

Hoy desperte en electropop.

Cremosonic acaba de poner online el volumen 2 del compilado Antojitos Mexicanos, que esta vez incluye 60 tracks de 60 bandas indies mexicanas, como Miel, El Lazo Invisible, Evanss, Buro Sputnik, Nina Camara, Yamamoto, y los regios Album (por cierto, ya se puede descargar el Microbricolages); y Club Comfort, de quien ya puedes descargar su ultimo ep (Ninos Heroes). Agregue otro par de bandas populares de Monterrey: Quiero Club y Cocky Brainfuzz.

Tambien por peticion, incluyo algo de Javiera Mena, Los Super Elegantes y Miranda!, y para redondear el mixtape, una de las rolas mas lindas y calidas que he gozado en mi vida, por parte de los Aterciopelados.

Club Comfort, chicas corazon.
Cocky BrainFuzz, star eyes bonita.
Quiero Club, no coke.
Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lasser, miedo 2005.
Los Super Elegantes, panadero.
Miranda!, tu guru.
Javiera Mena, mi generacion.
Album. tractos.
Aterciopelados, mi vida brilla.

Arte: Portada Sasha: Diamante.


3:16 am

En praderas de asfodelos
Tus grandes hilaturas tienden vivos

como nervios
recuerdos que van palideciendo.

Rasgas el tedio de las formas,

- voces y su escala finita,
muros cuadrilateros.

Todo lo previsible,
roido como una albarada,
rompe su trabazon.

Tus voces no retroceden

aunque el ojo se cierre,
y un grito quiera ahuyentarlas
del campo de lo conocido.

- Ditirambos (fragmento), Elsa Cross.

A collection of jazzy songs shaking my melancholic stereo at 3:16 am:

Noahlewis' Malon Taits - street of dreams
Arild Andersen Group - electra
Arvo Henriksen - holography
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - morning prayer
Bill Frisell - the days of wines and roses
Antony & the Johnsons - bird girl
Bobo Stenson - send in the clowns
Miles Davis - sketches of spain
The MDH band - tom tom's dream

Photograph by Hans Speekenbrink.

Dedicated to my grandfather, probably the only person in my family that has ever read a non best-seller book and who will very probably never read this post.


five from the trunk


Yoga mix

A friend asked me a week ago if I could make her a playlist with music to use at her yoga practices. Being a person that has not developed or cared at all about this certain connection with my inner-self I admit I had some hard work thinking about the songs in my collection that could serve to this means.
Anyhow, I spent some time in the morning searching through my collection and I came up with a 15 song compilation for her. Hence the playlist is already done and I'm not that busy right now, I might as well share a few songs from the mix with you:

Vashti Bunyan - here before
Slowdive - blue skied n' clear
Animal Collective - loch raven
Donna de Lory - Ganapati Om
Snatam Kaur Khalsa - Ong Namo
Amorphous Androgynous - meadows

Help: Do any of you have the song "la llorona" as performed by Latin 6/8? I've been looking for it everywhere to include it on the playlist but I can't find it. I think the song was originally published on a new age-ish compilation called "world dance".
Photograph credit: La cinquieme chambre d' amou by Bernard Faucon.



Uno de los grupos mas conocidos de canciones Acapella :) Lo que daría por verlos en directo...

Rockapella - Save tonight.mp3

Rockapella (not sure)- Karma Police.mp3

Rockapella - Change in my life.mp3

Rockapella - The Folgers.mp3

Rockapella - Brown Eyed Girl.mp3

The picture is from Caia Koopman


Functional Limit of Electric Guitar Speed

Short note. Amid all the hoopla about the new British band 'Arctic Monkeys', one thing I have to argue, despite its bright texture, Arctic Monkey is nowhere near the limit of virtuosity. Established player like Nels Cline, Henry Threadgill, or Steve Albini from Shellac are still producing more complex sound by several order of magnitudes.

The Nels Cline Singers - Cause For Concern

Henry Threadgill and Make a Move - Don't Turn Around

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Shellac - Watch Song

image : lyrical

// Las Popettes - --- to Spector with love.

.des girl group revisionistas.
.la candidez del primer crush.
.big hair made up en polka dots.
.boys, kisses, letters and trick flirts.

Low & Shudder to Think, just really wanna see you.
The Concretes, chosen one.
Los Super Elegantes, sixteen.
The Pipettes, your kisses are wasted on me.
The Brunettes, mars loves venus.
Young & Sexy, conventional lullabies.
The B-52's, deadbeat club.

aren't they lovely?

Arte: The B-52's from Polaroid Archives.

Kinky Collection VIII

In case you were wondering, that's not Nirvana the 90's grunge band (a band which I've never quite enjoyed) but an underground 60's psych rock band, whose song "love suite" was later sampled on "stem/long stem" by Dj Shadow. The song "Walk on by" was also sampled by trip-hop act, Hooverphonic, on the song "2wicky".
Have a nice weekend.

The White Stripes - in the cold cold night
John Martyn - glory box (portishead cover)
Lenny Kravitz - ain't over til it's over
Nirvana - love suite
Isaac Hayes - walk on by
Morphine - Like swimming

Photograph of Devon Aoki by Ellen Von Unwerth. found it via sexoteric and dadanoias. For more pics of Devon Aoki in boop fashion, click right here.